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With unprecedented development of commodities and mass media,canvas consumerism prevails

With unprecedented development of commodities and mass media,canvas consumerism prevails
Lead to consumer culture is filled with all aspects custom oil painting of society, has greatly changed people's life and the way of thinking. Thus, the concept of art creators put forward the new challenges. The influence of consumer culture in contemporary oil painting has showed a trend of generalization. Modern oil painting creation has also carved on the consumption, symbolic, day-to-day work, such as visual era characteristics of consumer society not only for the artistic creation and appreciation provides a material basis, more provides technologies and means.
First proposed the theory of consumer society baudrillard was born in 1929, the Paris university professor of sociology at ten. He thought the post-modern society is a consumer society, and put forward the "copy" is a basic theme of postmodern society, which make our life in a surreal world. Photography, broadcasting, film and television and the Internet microelectronics technology not only makes the images of the conditional accurate objective reality itself, but also changed the way we once upon a time in life by the naked eye, natural tools such as hand the traditional understanding of the objective world. Post-modern society, therefore, is a replica of the society, it not only copy our consumer society cultural products, and copy to our way of life and ideology. Baudrillard thinks the contemporary social media is a simulation of the symbols of the world, and electronic media has replaced the print media authority, when such extreme realistic simulation of widespread, people began portrait painting to change their way of thinking and behavior, that is people no longer from reality itself to understand it, but through image to understand the world and contact with the world, people are becoming more and more content with too easy to accept the foreign information and data, more and more obsessed with intuitive copy image rather than for personal reading or thinking... . Therefore, baudrillard's theory is very helpful for art subject and the ideological analysis of the artistic creation. We through to the artist case study to analyze the consumption culture is how to influence on Chinese modern oil painting creation, and in this to make the oil painting creation obtained development space. Specific analysis is as follows:
Representative of the political pop artist wang anyi's most influential works of the great criticism - Coca Cola "is to the cultural revolution has strong political critiques images of workers, peasants and soldiers, direct and real life most commercially popular means, such as Coca-Cola and marlboro cigarettes business image clever collocation are together, ridicule is pointed out that the problem of a strong culture to weak culture invasion, embodies the artist for different cultural background, social, historical, political, commercial and other cultural symbols and visual image super keen ability of organization, to point out that we real this consumption age. Another pop artist Li Bangyao to surrounded by concrete material of People's Daily life such as electrical appliances, toys, cosmetics, cars and even brand has a lot of interest, such as and reproduce the items on the picture, the colour has obvious consumerism. Gaudy art on behalf of the painter Mr. Li Ming in the heart of the hands of the People's Republic of China on behalf of the Chinese buddhist culture typical of hand posture of color processing as a symbol of pornography and enchanting rosy color, make originally the noble elegant appearance became very like fashion beauty of hand posture, let a person feel pretensions and fabrications, combined with various consumption age of high-heeled shoes, mobile phone and other popular items, let a person feel the present prevalence of consumption goods. Roche brothers the modern consumption image of karaoke machine, Coca-Cola logo or product and collage, make work has the effect of advertising
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