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First painting anonymous auction hammer shanbei girl rose 47% in March

First painting anonymous auction hammer shanbei girl rose 47% in March
30 domestic first modern oil painting "anonymous" auction hammer at the Beijing international club hotel, because 1 piece from pat, 149 clinch a handmade oil painting deal finally 84 pieces of painting master JinShangYi 1976 "shaanxi girl" clap a 1.98 million dollars for the highest. The reporter understands, this work in the house in May 2009 the spring auction clinchs a deal with the price of 1.344 million yuan, which means that the northern shaanxi girl worth in just three months has soared 47  %, appreciate much faster than the stock and real estate.
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Popular works started in 40000-40000 yuan
Yesterday's auction was set to begin at 9 a.m., many buyers are came to the scene to compete formalities, so the number of buyers is much higher than before the organizers said more than 40, so prepare soon filled with more than 100 seats, the organizers had to arrange staff temporary pedestal, the starting time of the auction also postponed until 10 o 'clock.
Due to the anonymous auction was the first time at home, in accordance with the rules of the auctioneer should introduce the author again after clinch a deal in the works, reporter noticed that report for the second picture items, an auctioneer inadvertently announced in advance of the author's name: "the second picture is Guo Yin hand painted oil painting sichuan" sacred land ", "but the episode did not affect the atmosphere of the scene, the auctioneer and never in advance by the reminder" leak ".
Reporter discovery, yesterday's auction buyers interested in the works of about ten thousand yuan less, many started in 20000 yuan of the following works auction; The asking price is in 40000-100000 yuan or so popular, such as a picture of a started at 85000 yuan "ballet girls" after several rounds of bidding, finally clinch a deal valence achieved 550000 yuan.
The auction is the main focus of the whole of the northern shaanxi girl started at 880000 yuan, although be anonymous auction but this picture is too large, the influence of many buyers know that the painting is the author of works of Chinese modern oil painting masters JinShangYi the bidding so the work is more difficult, after dozens of rounds of the competition was eventually 599 buyers with 1.98 million yuan price.
The host:
Clinch a deal is better than expected
In long fu lai said, considering that most of the auction is young and middle-aged painter's works, and auction "anonymous" completely depends on the artistic value of art itself to attract buyers, so "sell-through rate can reach about 5 into" should be a good result.
According to introducing, the launch of the author of the 149 paintings, there are quite a part of the 70 s and 80 s. In long planning director's rich Xie Yang tells a reporter, anonymous auction "is the most main purpose is to make the collectors have the opportunity to throw identity, age, or religious factors, from the art itself to know these excellent young and middle-aged painters.
According to the meeting, the "anonymous" auction launched 149 84 to clinch a deal, the total price is 10.192 million yuan, 56.37  % sell-through rate and the organizers initially estimated. For an average of $120000 per picture clinch a deal the price, "said" better than expected ".
Anonymous auction is conducive to fair competition
From suzhou came to Mr. Wu is a 18 years old collectors collection experience, he told reporters, "a few years ago the domestic oil painting of the market too much." Wu said, "anonymous" auction is conducive to fair competition, "buyers bid according to the work itself, which makes the speculative funds to hype."
But a buyer said that the "anonymous" auction isn't absolutely anonymous, strictly collectors from the work style, and creative time, coupled with the past records of each big auction houses also large fitness will author guess a close, "like" in the distant place ", "shaanxi girl" this masterpiece, anonymous and not anonymous do not have what difference."
Collectors can guess the writer, the unsuspecting buyers fair? Long fu lai aspects in explanation, "we just hope through such a form, to the buyers attention back to the art itself."
Investment tips
To judge the appreciation potential of oil painting?
Wei Li long fu lai in the general manager, told reporters that the current market of oil painting appreciation space bigger of the two kinds of work, one is the real masterpieces, but such work is not cheap, ordinary investors blocked; Another is some considerable strength of the young and middle-aged painters works, these works investment threshold is not high, "tens of thousands of dollars can buy a good work."
That how to determine works have appreciation potential? Wei Li said, first of all, to look at the author's background and the formal art education is very important, so work on painting techniques and styles are stable, the price also does not have a large fluctuations in the market." Second, investors can refer to the author's other works at the auction record; Finally has the ability of investors can be judged from the work itself, the artistic style of its value
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more than 541 million art yuan
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