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Push of Chinese special "early 20th century Chinese painter"

Push of Chinese special "early 20th century Chinese painter"
Is high-born shek mun, circulated a mood, the original oil painting belongs to Taiwan the huge foundation of old Tibet, the first from the artist's family, had appeared in the Taipei sotheby's auction in autumn of 1996, and is the cover work, at that time had created the developmental work of art auction record. After 15 years, "shek mun" appear again in the auction market, is bound to cause a lot of attention and reaction market, is expected to refresh the developmental art auction record again.
"Cross" of shaanxi Shi Mendong, along the northwest institute according to the Anti-Japanese War to the sketch manuscript to creation. In Shi Mendong water, is said to have written by cao cao, a stone, saying "roll snow" 2 words, thus can appreciate the prospect of wave in clear water, white. This institute was interesting to talk about the picture: "shimen reservoir has a house now, so some people say that this picture as a" cultural relic "."
The developmental painting features, first of all is to has a strong Chinese flavor. His pen adopted the method of traditional Chinese painting: single flat, its characteristic is from the "plane looking for art", and the western eastern oil painting with different its interest from the stereo. Its s - the creation of the large oil painting "cross" (1980) is a style, colorful landscapes. Screen on both sides of the mountains, long a desire, in the water more clear, more urgent, below, cliffside spring turbulence, poured into the fundus. Distant mountain scenery, the trees, the offshore has a water wheel, bullock carts, boat moored in YanPan water. On coloring, mountain peaks, to cancel the color, the middle flat paint ji qing, ochre, citric yellow, orange, the sky is orange and yellow tone, and water wave set each other off, both the appeal of the "romance of dispute red jian blue mountains", also have "fly turbulent BaoLiu for loud Hui" momentum, is invigorating.
In addition the developmental of "suzhou river in Shanghai is also a rare masterpieces, size (52.6 x 63.8 cm) also belongs to the developmental work CheFu larger piece, reliable source of clear, derived from the artist's family, now collectors purchase since the fall of 2003 of Chinese auction
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover painting of more than 541 million oilpaintingfromchinpainti yuan

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