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Copyright taking shape of oil painting,artists no longer worry about paintings

Copyright taking shape of oil painting,artists no longer worry about paintings
As jinling gens of miss li take ready to buy 3 million yuan of the villa to Beijing recently for a nearly 50 square foot Li Xiongcai work, for the present domestic limited investment channels, miss li more bullish on the Chinese painting collection market; White-collar miss zhang also involved in the art market, but is not so much a collection of investment, consumption, than she spent 2000 yuan to buy a young painter painting, this work accurate name call "copyright paintings". With the continuous development of China's economy, the art has close contact with the public, the art of pure collection from the past, to now become the consumer goods, financial tools and life people started custom oil painting china art wholesaler on the basis of their respective economic choice of different art consumer channels. It can be said that art has entered an era of consumption.
From the traditional channels to collect
Galleries, auctions, art fair, art institutions are the traditional way of art collection. Gallery is the art of the primary market, take on the responsibilities of the dig up, cultivate and promote artists, galleries trading advantage, you don't have to worry about a fake. If the gallery bought a fake, consumers can seek compensation according to the consumers' rights and interests protection law; The auction is the secondary market, a relatively open, open. Auction is the main cost of the auction house to successfully deal with buyers and sellers charge a commission of around 15%, the bigger the base, the higher the commission, if the auction, the auction house also want to deduct collectors. Auction the great risk is authenticity problems, according to the "auction law" regulation, should an auctioneer and a trustee state before an auction that they cannot guarantee the genuineness or fakery or the quality an auction target, do not assume the liability for guaranteeing the drawbacks. Art exposition focused hundreds of artists, different levels, prices varied.
Financialization means of financial management
Beijing xin hui with fund management company in the near future will issue 1 "" FuWen art fund, raising $100 million yuan, subscribe threshold is 2 million yuan, expected return is 20%. Since 2010, domestic some financial institutions, private banking, fund management companies have launched art funds, such as the emperor fu, teri, German morning, shenzhen beauty in art, art of apricot stone art fund launch market, and expanding in 2011. It is worth noting that disposes of the trust property trust company to manage, use and creation of profit and loss, does not provide any commitment. Bank financial experts said that the current art market bubble has a large, fixed income the art of the yields of the trust in the future will not very high. Art of risk identification, art takes care of the risk, market risk and force majeure risk, counterparty credit risk, fund investment operation risk, management risk, trust risk issue, time limit the risk of early termination or extension of trust, the trust property illiquid risk and so on, may cause the loss will be borne by the beneficiaries themselves.
As the cultural art exchange, launched in March this year tianjin art share since electronic trading, a heat wave art financial investment is sweeping across the country. In Shanghai, shenzhen, tianjin, hefei, zhengzhou, guangzhou, chengdu, shenyang, jinan, wuhan, changsha and other places have set up cultural assets and equity exchange, there are Beijing, dalian, xian, nanjing, xiamen, and other cities are in the process of cultural assets and equity exchange. Now by the total of 20, the emerge of cultural art exchange platform in general can be summed up in two categories: one is Shanghai pay act on behalf of specialized comprehensive service platform; Second was to act on behalf of, in tianjin issued and traded on the open platform differentiation, non-food art share contract. Art of securitization is original in China, in the world capital market, to the securitization of varieties is a legal person, has the ability to create basic income profits to pay for the securities. Cultural exchange, the root of the problem is that art itself does not have the profit as a listed company as a legal person has continued and the ability to resist risks, their own do not have a steady appreciation function and the establishment of a lack of unified standards and regulatory agencies, are fragmented local exchange, mainly by the local financial departments approved, and regulation, thus lies the great speculative risk.
For a limited high replicas
Chinese contemporary realism oil painting leader LengJun launched in 2006, about 166 pieces of set limit to print "the design of the Mona Lisa smile" is only 10000 yuan, now already rose to 70000 yuan a piece on the market. Domestic famous painting and calligraphy copy base the jas porch also successively and wu guanzhong, Huang Miaozi, Luo Erchun, Wang Huaiqing, mediaedge: cia and Xu Jiang, luo zhongli, He Duoling 40 all cooperate with limited domestic top art prints, unlimited version price from 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan. A limited edition of 100 pieces in all, the price of thousands of yuan, the market reaction, art lovers, collectors, hotel and authority are the main buyers. In fact, western art market 70% of the country is limited printing market, the original market account for only thirty percent. Less money to collect masters, the master of copyright be mass consumer trends in China. Locally, a group called the copyright of the concept of oil painting masters paintings promotion mode are also gaining momentum. It is alleged that the copyright and original painting similarity of close to 80%, compared and the price is very low, as art research and collection has its unique value. Painter, art brokers Xiong Bin is founder, guangzhou hosted by his remit to cabinet copyright oil painting development center, after two years of experiments independently developed a set of copyright maintenance system from production to the painter. According to introducing, the so-called copyright paintings by modern means of science and technology to high pixel scanning of the original works, in particular canvas micro spray VAT high-resolution imaging. And then by the artist correction aberrations, hand-painted partial completed personally on semi-finished products, and for each work after doing a signature, sign a limited number. By the designated agent sales and is equipped with a certificate issued by the agency collection. In can remit pavilion gallery, the reporter compares Xiong Bin the original copyright and his oil painting, oil painting brush strokes on the copyright, thickness, color, close to the original degree is high, if not carefully distinguish, almost can't see which one is replica.
Collectors think Mr Li, limited copy contains author authentication, signature, and copyright legally carrying the author itself is a huge amount of information, and post processing of the authors, the limited high imitation of works of art has its unique value for collection. As for the appreciation of the space, to see whether the market supply and demand relationship and the influence of the authors and works.
There is a market that copyright canvas oil painting in the domestic leading a set limit to to promote the new mode, also for the mass consumer high quality art provides a new channel
and ancient rare books on various kinds of custom portrait special all clap, plus portrait into famous oil painting have ended the auction earlier wholesale oil painting from china stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner art 2009 spring
total turnover of more than portrait painting by hand painted 541 million yuan hand art painting China painted oil painting

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