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Washington portrait oil painting clap a sky-high tell us

Washington portrait oil painting clap a sky-high tell us
The nation's first President, George Washington portrait of a picture of the whole body before the Spring Festival Christie's auction clinchs custom oil painting a deal with a record $21 million in New York, the world record in American portrait auction price. Reached in recent years China's auction houses portraits of MAO zedong and other revolutionary leaders repeatedly record, the personage inside course of study thinks, although the history of the United States and China, the political economic and cultural conditions, the art market is different also, but the law of value is the same. The portraits of the record called the George Washington in Princeton, about 2.2 meters high, depicting a commander in chief dress walking artillery Washington stood on the battlefield, independent victory, by the famous portrait painter Charles napier Wilson in 1779. Peel created during from 1779 to 1779, 8 Washington general portrait, mostly by the metropolitan museum of art, and in Philadelphia and museum collection of Williamsburg, Virginia. Auction houses, according to the buyers of the painting is the art dealer c. l.
Richter, people speculate that this person may only be truly the buyer's agent. According to in Shanghai DuoYunXuan kuang shi international auction company in charge of painting line Beijing YouYong told reporters that the United States in recent years the oil painting reproductions record, the background is the world's richest man Bill Gates begin to pay close attention to art, the history of the United States look to these performance of traditional works, drive the eighteenth and nineteenth century American classical oil painting rose sharply. Like this, he says, "top collectors" spend large sum of money to buy the works of art, tend to become "the ultimate collectors" museum, art museum collection instead of into the market. Their involvement in forming the stability of the market, therefore, support, and strength of native American art. Washington portraits of historical figures as a performance of historical images, reflects a nation's a kind of collective memories, natural will be affected by the emphasis on America's "national character" buyers. Actually has a similar phenomenon in the Chinese contemporary art, and some reflect the portrait of leader has become the symbol of an era and a price on the auction field, such as "chairman MAO to AnYuan" sold more than six hundred ten thousand yuan is a case in point. Learned, Pearson this painting depicts the Washington honestly with a uniform details at that time, some people think that the realistic style of historical value and even higher than its artistic value. ,
general manager of Shanghai poly, said in an interview with reporters, Mr HongPingTao similar "chairman MAO to AnYuan" works, though different from Pearson's realistic writing style, is a kind of idealized processing, but also is a kind of artistic expression, thus have similar historical value. According to Mr Hong, although the United States and China's economic and cultural conditions are different, but the above two kinds of works of artistic value is comparable. He said that China similar leader portrait by many domestic buyer, just in order to build museums and galleries, these works will become the emerging new art gallery, a museum of the pursuit of collection. Journalists believe that it is worth noting that the auction houses in mainland China in recent years similar work auction prices rose sharply. As mentioned above to AnYuan "chairman MAO", in October 1995 with 6.05 million yuan patted her autumn meeting; Ten years later she fall, Chen Yanning "chairman MAO visited guangdong rural" clinch a deal with the price of 10.12 million yuan. In the autumn of 2005, Beijing huachen launched a special "1938-1991: the theme of the history", the "chairman MAO's visit farm machinery pavilion" clinch a deal with the price of 3.3 million yuan; Chen Zhongzhi giant Chinese painting "the Yellow River children" with 4.18 million yuan price. Leaders take a portrait seems to make popular. It seems that both in terms of artistic value and the load of cultural and historical connotation, or from the auction to see money attention and buyers mentality, and across the ocean in the United States, the Chinese art market is being integrated into the international market
and ancient rare books on various kinds of custom portrait special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner art 2009 spring
total turnover of more than 541 million yuan hand art China painted oil painting

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