Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We saw modern oil painting prosperity at same time,more should pay attention to its potential crisis

We saw modern oil painting prosperity at same time,more should pay attention to its potential crisis
Art market in constant development, wholesale oil painting the artist's creation out of respect for some business interests, only care about the creation of commodity value and ignoring the art itself, has created a phenomenon of tabloidization painting field. In the process of creation, some artists to cater to the market and take into account consumer tastes. The frame using a large number of consumer goods, beauty, popular clothing and other consumer symbols, this is the most common image in modern oil painting creation and the main creative way. These artists only provides a visual surface image consumption era, not thinking about social and political problems, away from the criticism and reflection on the consumption age heterogeneous phenomenon. Value of this type of artists do not convert the image and social or personal related concept and connotation, more want to focus on painting of the picture is more beautiful and more attract people's attention on the performance of the visual language skills. We know that the art comes from life, but not art and life, the distance between art and life is never zero, art to the public and adhering to the real life should be a critical attitude. It was to meet the needs of the human spirit, is the transcendence of life, it is not to become the public's daily life. So as the creator, should be responsible to the cheap oil painting society, maintain a critical spirit in the oil painting creation. The development of contemporary art in consumer culture, the vulgar phenomenon, we see the changes from the early 1990 s to the present, has been with the social reality of contemporary art, living environment and culture context is closely linked, and aggression of mass culture and the impact of the western post-modern art of Chinese oil painting creation and influence of this kind of image tabloidization tendency is not terrible, but if the phenomenon has become a fashion and trend, become the main aesthetic taste of contemporary art, so we must be alert at this time. Therefore, for the development of oil painting in the field of contemporary art is concerned, this phenomenon is worthy of our attention and criticism.
Consumerism era to the positive and negative influences of art creation, on the one hand brought vitality to the contemporary Chinese oil painting, developed a development space for traditional media, oil painting, making the creator of the use of the public image of infiltration and the expression of ideas in the wisdom and insight, to work in the spiritual communication with readers has provided a broad space; On the other hand, under the condition of market mechanism is not perfect, part of the creator to worship money too, zhuifeng flood tide, truly culture increasingly less work, this phenomenon is worthy of our attention. Because the oil painting creation is a cause of one's own spirituality, if out of humanistic value, it has become a rich color coated canvas, can only let us see the surface of the deep gorgeous but not the mind, away from the artistic progress more
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