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Chen Shuzhong PangMaoKun eyes and his native painting

Chen Shuzhong PangMaoKun eyes and his native painting
Early to Chen Shuzhong studio, immediately wholesale oil painting attracted by a room full of rural life picture scroll, and was impressed by his energy and passion!
Chen Shuzhong growth in the northeast countryside, to the north of the country life have deep experience. He last century graduated from lu xun academy of fine arts in the early eighty s, from his save paper works over the past 20 years, we can see that he was on the sketch and color into the enthusiasm and labor, and the creation of local realistic painting very early, in the long-term accumulation and hone, formation and its composed, probity, sharp's character and temperament, and simple, dignified and full of painting style.
In rural subjects of his many paintings, showed us the northeast in the vast rural farmers self-sufficiency and peaceful work and life of the scene, the scene grand, magnificent, rich, the real kind, interesting plots and reflected in the tree to the northeast of love and hope of deep feeling of life, at the same time in both subject and form of the plot is full of rustic charm and tenacious vitality.
Steadfast word not only summarized the Chen Shuzhong character, but also reflect the style of his. He treated himself like a real art, whether it is the overall picture plot-arrangement, meticulous detail all he can. On the technique, baby portrait painting he chose the most simple dry drawing, in repeated daub and CunCa, make the picture form full, flapping mechanism and compacting. The picture more rich, more multifarious, he was more excited, more make, as I want to also more on processing method. Of complex plot, scene, image processing and characterization are many painters try to avoid and not easily in today, and he prefers the problems brought about by the happy! This difficult and hard it brought him a valuable report, so that he won people's respect and praise
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