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Divine comedy-2011 isaceli rs visual classic oil painting exhibition in Beijing art gallery

Divine comedy-2011 isaceli rs visual classic oil painting exhibition in Beijing art gallery
As the "divine comedy" named "2011 isaceli rs custom oil painting exhibition", a magic paintings, made of European medieval painting artistic expounds and summarizes the Chinese traditional culture. Isaceli rs symbol is what we are very familiar with, his painting is not only a symbol of the true, the good, the United States and its traditional art itself is a profound and extensive culture. His works based on the traditional, bold innovation, using western classical romantic painting style, created a set of melting European oil painting style and artistic conception of Chinese traditional culture, traditional and modern people's aesthetic habits, a strong self characteristics of dunhuang people various modal of the program.
The exhibition named "divine comedy", show the world retinues all good the elves of the world and to the bodhisattva, is only the first. He is a modern painting language transfer of dunhuang art perfect; Is also a recall of one thousand of the Chinese nation culture and yearning, the ancient culture deeply attached to the modern civilization. His work has been the British Simon dunhuang research institute, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, dunhuang art institutions, art galleries and collectors at home and abroad.
Early in 2005 on the purchase of, for his "dance god 410000 8 hammer, then the 2008 fall of Hong Kong" the flying apsaras "changfeng auction completion price: RMB 1576960. In the tens of thousands of contemporary artists in is really nice. oil painting gallery Isaceli rs works with a number of extremely rich vitality and artistic appeal, such as "dunhuang series - the music", "dunhuang series - flying" series of works, such as absorbing the religious art creation method and the dunhuang art technique of expression, on to the subject matter and content representation isaceli rs have accumulated rich experience.
Isaceli rs in dunhuang art under the enlightenment of a new breakthrough. Dunhuang fresco is the art of god. And god's image is from the people. Behind the image of a bodhisattva is song ci-poetry, palace, through the image of god, with people's emotions and thoughts. In isaceli rs, in his works are of a single independent work occupies most of the characters. Such as "household", "Siva nataraja" series of image shaping and eyes, dunhuang frescoes in shaping the image very much pay attention to the eyes, eyes, and thus created the painting in the long-term artistic practice program of the eye, the life kaleidoscope eyes beauty, after summarizing, refining, solidifies into a form of beauty
and ancient rare books on various kinds of custom portrait special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner art 2009 spring
total turnover painting of more than 541 million yuan hand  art painting China painted oil painting

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