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Picasso's famous oil painting "guernica" battle

Picasso's famous oil painting "guernica" battle
Picasso's "guernica", recently suffered a "battle". On April 26, 1937, the Spanish Basque town of guernica was German and Italian fascists air oil painting reproductions bombardment, the town is almost flattened, countless casualties of the civilians. Picasso when very indignation, so for the Paris world expo Spain pavilion created this famous paintings reflect the fascist atrocities. The picture hangs in Madrid's prado museum don't pavilion princess Sophia's center.
For now, however, about the location of the painting has caused many disputes. This year's April 26, the 70th anniversary of the town of guernica is suffering. So many historians guernica urged make this precious painting guernica, because they think that the painting was always supposed to belong to guernica, especially at the time of the 70th anniversary of guernica was bombed, the return of the painting has more special commemorative meaning.
Prado museum are firmly disagree, however, this picture is transferred to the town of guernica, they think that painting is very valuable, in the process of transfer is likely to be damaged. And in view of the Basque country tend to have independent, autonomous regions to the central government often ask for something outrageous, so moving oil painting will no doubt have been to a lot of criticism.
"Guernica" : cubist masterpieces
Oil painting guernica is Picasso in 1937, a cheap oil painting significant influence and historical significance of cubist masterpieces. It USES symbolic art gimmick to Nazi German air force bombed during the Spanish civil war in 1937 Spanish town of guernica, killing thousands of innocent civilians, the events of powerful reveal the crime of aggression and the fascist atrocities.
Which is entrusted by the government of the republic of Spain for international fair held in Paris in 1937 Spanish pavilion and creation. Painting is in 1937 the German air force crazy bombing of Spanish city guernica atrocities. Picasso in just a few weeks to complete this masterpiece.
Picasso, though keen to avant-garde art innovation, however, do not give up on reality, he said: "I'm not a surrealist, I've never been out of reality. I always stay in the real situation of reality." This may also be he chose painting "guernica" one of the important reasons. His painting for reality, however, is very different from the performance of the traditional realism method. He painted in the rich symbolic, in ordinary realism works are hard to find. Picasso, he had to explain the symbol meaning of painting images, said the bull symbolic violence, and the injured horse symbol of Spain, lights shining symbol of light and hope... Painting, of course, there are many realistic situation. To the left of the painting, a women embrace dead babies cry face upwards, the lower part of her is a holding flowers and broken sword arm fall on the ground of soldiers. The right side of the picture, a panicked man hands up screaming face upwards, not far away from him, that the woman was so flee in haste, so that her hind legs seemed to keep pace with the lagged far behind. All this, it is terrible air burst image of the victims. Here, the art of Picasso still use the clip art language. The visual effect of picture in the clip, however, is not the real clip means to achieve, but by hand. That piece of overlapping another piece of "cut and paste" graphics, only three color black, white, ash, effectively highlight the screen tension and terror atmosphere.
Picasso (1881 ~ 1973) was born in Spain, is the most profound contemporary western most creative and influence artist, he and his picture occupied the immortal status in the world art history. Picasso was a prolific painter, according to the statistics, his works a total of nearly 37000, including: oil painting 1885, drawing 7089, 20000 print, lithographs 6121.
Different from impoverished life of Vincent van gogh, Picasso, to the glory of life, he is the first ever live to see his work was put into the Louvre painter. In December 1999, a French newspaper conducted a poll, he was elected by a majority of 40% high for first ten artists of the 20th century's greatest
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more art than 541 art million art yuan
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