Monday, November 25, 2013

Oil painting is what?For leisure fai,is "first" special emotion expression and crystallization

Oil painting is what?For leisure fai,is "first" special emotion expression and crystallization
As a painter huang teng, his art starting point oil painting reproductions is not complicated, he is only through the visual form of painting to show a state of life and a comfortable state of mind. In leisure fai works, of course, we see clearly, flanked by a retinue of his loyalty and dedication of a sound and synthesis which private world. Also is to belong to his romantic world, and he is not just a painter personal emotion and charm of chardonnay, especially to express some kind of human common good and looking forward to, especially the author's meaning, color and flavor of construction, the unique serene, calm and enrichment, and almost abstract meaning, is to let all people produce communication and quality of the communication.
This is a response of the life, the works of the painter's commitment to absolute spirit in life.
Because, in the leisure with the roses for most of the works, the aesthetic is not simply conversion for the color is gorgeous and complex shape, but a directness with plain unification, this is because, the painter insists on the idea of a plain, the heart of the romantic, converted to the form of painting language lyric, he found the exact show their own unique way, in the plain and flatness of [deep brush strokes, colors, everywhere manifests the heartfelt feeling.
Huang teng hui's that a rare serious romantic, it is not moved, he addicted from its style of elegance and simplicity, have become amazing portrait painting works of pure quality, there is no doubt that it depends on the painter's heart, and calm calm heart to face the world, this is a kind of irreplaceable spiritual experience, this kind of detachment on the secular temperament, the pure and noble character, especially in the expression of absolute spirit want to socialism in type.
Therefore, in the rose garden full of flowers, is out of his life, but a symbol of life and spirit, which, life and mental experience, is not only the connotation in the form of painting, and called the painting itself, that dominate the creation of leisure fai, their refraction is the painter's precious spiritual pursuit and ideal quality, to explore and develop the art of personal idea and artistic ideal faith
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