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Plate of oil painting market process shows classical oil painting market potential

Plate of oil painting market process shows classical oil painting market potential
As the classic sample of autumn auction in 2005 Chinese oil painting market all the way to fame, unique in the art market. Autumn auction market transactions, is the most representative signature time. Auction this season not only for spring sales booming, more show in the art market "thrive" type of heroism. From Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, the mainland to Hong Kong, New York, the major auction houses have launched a special performance related to the Chinese oil painting in the autumn auction, rapidly pushed up the overall price of Chinese oil painting art market. In the autumn of 2005 auction, is enough with typical significance: sotheby's Hong Kong company this season "in Chinese contemporary art" auction 105 making works, clinch a deal amount is 74.15888 million yuan, clinch a deal rate by 96%; Involved in the Beijing huachen 2005 autumn special auction of "Chinese oil painting" by "the Chinese oil painting and sculpture" and "1938-1991:" the theme of the history of two games, 225 sold works, clinch a deal amount is 58.8456 million yuan, sell-through rate is 80%; China 2005 autumn auction "Chinese oil painting and sculpture" auction 219 making works, clinch a deal amount is 130.0101 million yuan, sell-through rate of 92%; At Christie's in Hong Kong "in the 20th century Chinese art" kong auction 137 clinch a deal the works, clinch a deal amount is 183.55554 million yuan, in this fall's big amount on the auction house oil painting always ranked the first, sell-through rate of 94%; In addition, Beijing poly, sincere a small room in Beijing, Beijing chengxin, the Shanghai racquet, Oriental international, guangzhou Gardner auction houses like in this season also launched involving the Chinese oil painting art auction, turnover and sell-through rate were also very significant. Involved in the above data show that the auction market of Chinese oil painting art sales, no matter from the session, the number of items, or from the clinch a deal amount, than in the spring of 2005 with larger scale and better results. From the perspective of the volume ratio of more and more high, the market demand is the part of the rapid increase of important works auction price and transaction price support. Market has entered into the phase of partition plate of Chinese painting and contemporary art has low risk, high return, the characteristics of less a fake, has caused the attention of collectors at home and abroad, they think this collection investment direction, and start to get actively involved in. The introduction of these funds has both the price system of Chinese painting and contemporary art has brought significant impact, these buyers collection direction is no longer limited to traditional paintings, the early works of oil painting masters, and will be more attention to the contemporary art, the upsurge of contemporary art. And a lot of the original investment buyers in Chinese painting and calligraphy, and objectively reflect the trend of buyer's structure reorganization. Oil painting and contemporary art, on the other hand, the scarcity of resources effectively, have become the size of the market to further expand late binding, now every Chinese painting and contemporary art auction season on quantity but thousands of pieces of or so, with more than ten year's calligraphy and painting market scale, such as the recent still doesn't change, is the market price of the Chinese painting and contemporary art will present the rising trend. If in 2005 samples of Chinese oil painting market transactions as the basic research, and comprehensive reference to the marketization of Chinese oil painting works for more than 10 years, we can get a conclusion that contemporary Chinese oil painting market has entered the stage of plate change partition early western art, new art classic, overseas artists and the contemporary oil painting of four major parts make up the Chinese oil painting art market fundamentals. "Early western painters" plate paintings auction in 2005, this classic work of the plates constantly, represented by xu beihong mainland painter's early works have set a high price, and in recent years by Yang Sanlang, Liao Jichun defensive Taiwan early western painters of the market is also aroused people's revaluation. Xu beihong, Lin Fengmian painting everybody's early works such as price rises, such as xu beihong's painting the portrait of a miss Jenny (1939) at Beijing's poly sold for 22 million yuan, Lin Fengmian "opera theme" in the salesroom are big buyers of common concern, such as "white snake" in the autumn auction at Christie's in Hong Kong 2005 at a price of $3.92624 million. Masters the rest of the plate, such as sanyu, Pan Yuliang, wu zuoren, liu haisu, Qin Xuanfu, such as prices, 2005 are all the same than normal work has the obvious rise. Capture the high prices have already opened the people to imagine the price of space, should be able to look up later in a layer. Taiwan early performance should not be ignored in international auction market in recent years, with Yang Sanlang, Liao Jichun, what Chen cheng wave represents for Taiwan early western painters group, the prices since the 1990 s by leaps and bounds. The painter's works represent the regional taste of Taiwan, and after the test in the art market in Taiwan, hence become the symbol of local culture, the remarkable increase of prices. As the home of the loose tuen afterglow figure "(1932) in Hong Kong sotheby's sold for 2.26416 million yuan; Liao Jichun "flower" (1975) at Christie's in Hong Kong, clinch a deal valence is 4.2824 million yuan. Visible this unit not only out of the relatively independent market, at the same time show a strong momentum of development. "New China fine arts classic" the plates are referring to the 1949 to 1965, during the "cultural revolution", and in the late 1970 s to 80 s oil painting works, a leader and a hero is the main subject matter, the work has the distinct appearance and spirit of The Times characteristic, and is referred to handmade oil painting as the "red classics". In recent years to appreciate faster, is considered by some media and collector is a collection of investments "blue chips". In 2005, the auction company should potential on the importance of a large number of influential works. Such as autumn sales of Chinese Chen Yanning "chairman MAO visited guangdong rural" (1972), clinch a deal the price is 10.12 million yuan, estimate 300-500 yuan of above 3 times as much, in the "red classics" oil painting in the domestic auction record. Particularly noteworthy is that on November 4, 2005 for the first time Beijing huachen launched "1938-1991:" the theme of the history of the category, 94 clinch a deal the works, clinch a deal amount is 23.133 million yuan, sell-through rate of 77%, went unsold works also repeated at a high price. From annual clinch a deal the plate, on the basis of the overall market, buyers reason and mature has undoubted, in other words not all the works of "red" can make the high price, some broad, some poorly preserved works, finally can't escape from flow mark situation, objectively reflect the auction company professional and academic taste enough are weak, and the market price of overvalued. As representative painter in the sector, wu guanzhong's paintings in 2005, and the price. Based on individual work in the autumn of 2005 the auction record list, wu guanzhong is the price of oil painting spring has obvious increase, overall reflect the market is very positive. For example, wu guanzhong jingshan park in white (1975) at Christie's in Hong Kong for the high price of 9.74 million yuan, much higher than valuation; At Christie's in Hong Kong of the jiangnan gardens figure (1977) also sold 7.25 million yuan price, than the spring similar works "jiangnan garden figure" (1978) clinch a deal valence is 4.876 million yuan, up nearly 50%. "Overseas artists" plate this plate can be divided into two units at present, the international oil painting master, that is a delegate with zhao mo pole, zhu dequn characteristics of present a drop-off and a high price. From buying groups, because of the prices of the internationalization of high-end and art taste, Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas buyers are the biggest fans of zhao mo pole, zhu dequn works, while the mainland market remains to be further expanded. Two fall into the auction market quantity decreased compared to the spring, the works of zao work 9, 11, zhu dequn works but prices remained high, such as at Christie's in Hong Kong of the flooded city zhao (1955) for 1955 yuan. Christie's in Hong Kong, special "in the 20th century Chinese art", "autumn" the works of Mr. Clinch a deal valence is 7.844 million yuan (1959). The above data fully reflects the international art market to the generally recognized by the masters of art and continue. Another unit is young and middle-aged represented by CAI guoqiang, xu, GuWenDa international artists, the artist's work is the price in the international art market gradually grew up, so it is relatively wide range of support and stability. Recent joint force in domestic and international market, the unit prices in a rising channel, gains. Sotheby's in New York in 2005 autumn xu "language landscape series" sold for $483360 (2003); CAI "swire brand" (1988) in China clinch a deal valence also clinchs a deal with 132000 yuan, be worth to collect further attention of investors. "Modern oil painting" plate the plate movement is good, 2005 points by emerging investment gradually become investment hot spots, the overall price rise. Especially the contemporary realism oil painting has always attracted much attention in the market, in 2005 autumn once again become a remarkable one of hot spots. JinShangYi, Chen, Chen, ai, Wang Yidong, Yang Feiyun painters works are strongly sought after by the market, prices quickly. On behalf of the "classical realism" of painters, such as JinShangYi works "interior" (1999) in guangzhou Gardner for the price of 3.19 million yuan, Chen's "dream in Shanghai" (2004) at Beijing's poly also clinchs a deal with the price of 5.06 million yuan. Wang Yidong representing the school of "realism", his works "the mountain the sun" (2005) in China with 5.06 million yuan price clinch a deal. On behalf of "native writing" painter, ai's in the afternoon of February (2005) in China for the price of 3.63 million yuan, Chen's "city # 3" (1981) in Beijing huachen clinch a deal valence is 4.18 million yuan. On behalf of the "new realism" artist liu xiaodong, its "brawny" (2003) in RongBao auction completion price is 2.2 million yuan, in 2005 before the spring is also no piece work record of more than one million yuan in autumn sales in more than 4 pieces. The above data are fully reflects the "realistic painting" strong strength in the domestic art market. "Modern oil painting" middle-aged and young artists of the plates by wang guangyi, Fang Li are represented, yue minjun, zhang xiaogang, etc, the current price rise. "Chinese contemporary art at sotheby's Hong Kong auction", for example, zhang xiaogang "yellow baby series (1998) clinch a deal valence is 1998 yuan, more than six times that of the estimate of 25-350000 Hong Kong dollars. Fang lijun 2003.4.23 (2003) to 1.5264 million yuan price, is three times the estimate of; Wang anyi "great criticism series - FUJI400" (1992) also took 763200 yuan. Grew up in the domestic market more young painters, including brussells, liu ye, Yin, back and Xia Junna, his works in the auction market has become increasingly active, a larger price increase, making a number of individual works auction record. Such as the Yin at Christie's in Hong Kong "monument series" (2005) clinch a deal valence achieved 2005 yuan. Brussells capture at Beijing's poly "dear" (2004) makes the individual highest sales record of 792000 yuan, and the spring it works only in the price of 300000 yuan floating; Same or compelling and back, sotheby's Hong Kong's "art news" (2002) clinch a deal valence is 254400 yuan, hit a personal HuaJia highest sales record. Future trend forecast more comprehensive variety of market factors and market analysis of the plate, the Chinese oil painting market in the future will present several trends: 1, the development of Chinese painting and contemporary art market extremely fast, many collection plate already has a relatively fixed group. Buyers, meanwhile, investment and consumption mentality also is yet to mature, collection trend increasingly diversified, the traditional painting and contemporary art became the object of buyers sought after. And the new generation of collectors are more used to buy Tibetan art, from the perspective of academic, and so did the academic standards and business standards gradual convergence benign trend. 2, in the international and domestic market together, the next few years China painting and contemporary art market will quickly from now on the threshold of, into a high-speed development period. Particularly in contemporary art, more and more get the attention of the international art market, overseas collectors and institutions to engage in heavy not only brings plenty of incremental capital, but also promote the internationalization of the Chinese art market. 3, Chinese oil painting art in prices continued to rise at the same time, there are short term investment operation. According to statistics, part of the investment funds should belong to the short-term funds, the phenomenon of speculation has become increasingly frequent. It is objectively reflects the investment category are currently has the characteristics of quick return of investment, painting and contemporary art, however, is more suitable for long-term and stable investment collection, this is the basis of the current collection investors should be acutely aware
and ancient rare books on various kinds of custom portrait special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner art 2009 spring
total turnover of more than 541 million yuan hand art China painted oil painting

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