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Shanghai wu sheng auction company autumn special painting sculpture diversification strategy paid off

Shanghai wu sheng auction company autumn special painting sculpture diversification strategy paid off
Shanghai wu sheng 2008 autumn auction company wholesale oil painting on January 5, painting sculpture, Chinese painting and calligraphy, stamps, COINS, four special a total turnover of 47.61 million yuan. Among them, the calligraphy and painting special sell-through rate is 53.56 \ %, stamps, COINS sell-through rate is 64.19 \ %. And the special oil painting sculpture that attracts the most attention, director of Shanghai wu sheng painting sculpture Sun Peishao, according to the auction site after people that day, sentiment, southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Beijing and other places of the guests. Auction results sell-through rate is 57.83 \ %, clinch a deal amount is 22.28 million yuan. On the analysis of the data can be found that the special divided by 9 cells are obtained better results, show its diversification strategy to fetch the financial tsunami has paid off in the cold.
Special oil painting sculpture three big attraction
Will oil painting sculpture special subdivided into several units, is the Shanghai wu sheng has been sticking to the tradition. This fall, they will be 9 unit 166 lots are divided into 8 categories, among them, each unit of sell-through rate varies each other now, worth pondering. First, the company for many years as a characteristic of varieties of great achievements have been made in three units: sculpture theme "event wholesale portrait painting horizon" of space unit sell-through rate is 88.8 \ %; "Abstract" aesthetic unit sell-through rate is 78.5 \ %; The old painting theme of "classic view" unit conversion rates of 62.5 \ %. Second, the big collection of "contemporary" Shi Shu, conversion rates remain in 53.8 \ %; Around contemporary art "art star boom. Unable to set up two units, young artists concentrated the sell-through rate is as high as 68.7 \ % of the second unit. Third, the beauty of "anime" unit of the new push, brought up to 65.5 \ %, every success.
Relatively, also is the autumn new push "international printmaking" units, conversion rates of only 21.7 \ %, affect the performance of the entire special performance. In spite of this, it is not hard to see, the practice of Shanghai wu sheng's persistence unit division has been showing results, on the one hand, the diversification strategy in the financial tsunami cold effect significantly, on the other hand, the company's auction business characteristics also received the recognition from the collector. Oil painting sculpture as company director Sun Peishao pointed out, the current collector to careful, very smart, and the company unit subdivision will help to more accurately adjust the structure of the auction. She also said, this is hold on for a long time, when the market active can be divided into independent special performance. Therefore, in the case of weak each unit may shrink, but will continue.
Auction results published online on the day
Sun Peishao also stressed that the company in order to adhere to the consistent practice of open and transparent, clinch a deal in the company's official website announced the same day. She also points out that in this web site published lots of valuation, and mark the prices of different focus. This is according to the feedback of auctions, decisions before the big shot, 90 \ % of the principal agree that pricing, and price changes in the company's website, the website become company contact buyers the fastest channel. She stressed that this kind of pricing are the principal authorized.
Zhao Chong evaluation, the general manager of our company is: to clinch a deal more insipid, more cautious, big work buyers chasing high intention is not strong, is very sensitive to price. The good news is that the loyalty of the collector
2008, China's contemporary art market is oil painting adjusted, and turmoil oil paintings as financial turmoil intensified, the price of water in the oil painting art market is accelerating drain, difference between advantages and disadvantages of art. The present value is more reasonable, adjust the mentality, adjust the collection structure, is art the real collector needs to be done
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