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Full and deep grief memories - review RanWeiPing "survival" series oil painting

Full and deep grief memories - review RanWeiPing "survival" series oil painting
From the natural to the transcendental, from realism to freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, from the rigorous approach to free and easy change of styles, from the focus on the objective of life to pay attention to the meaning of life itself, the latest RanWeiPing "survival" series oil painting wholesaler, because of the significant changes bring us a new feeling, let we learned from the text painter of human and nature, life and dream, reality and historical relationship thinking, and to reveal the exotica such as brume, times of grief.
"Survival" series of the prairie series one of the horses as the carrier of life, but in the environment is not familiar to the survival of the blue sky, white clouds, green grassland, humans have to change it. Images of the straight line segmentation destroyed grassland natural streamlined state, to enhance the effect of artificial factor. Misplaced visual graphic, once vibrant grassland buckled, the horses are forced into cannot run only enough space, life is not threatened, but the horses in the picture remain strong, tall and straight posture, seems to have to struggle to fate, to the environment. Under the background of a gloomy, solid color piece and line, at the same time, the formation of depression also strengthened the paintings to embody the spirit of perseverance and temperament, to further strengthen the work of mystique and powerful.
Seems to be familiar with the scene, but careful view to unexpectedly have a strange stranger: very dark, filth, horse loneliness helplessly looking for food. "The prairie series 2," painter in this is also true, both familiar and strange form of unique painting language, reflected the concern about the survival state, expression of celebration of life. This formal language is not simply ponder skills, but the emotion derived modelling method, although this relationship couldn't connection with reality, can show a credible oil painting studio can resonate with the emotion between the real.
View again in another part of the "survival" series, as the carrier of the work, such as "weather" and "palette", also reveals the painter to human beings, between human and nature, man and society coexist, and focus on the value orientation of human being. This part of the works are the direct expression of contemporary young people's state of mind and reality situation, artists with a unique perspective of personality in the world. Different people together, mind each are not identical, legislation: they look up at the sky, lost, fear, loneliness, helpless, what seems to be some nervousness expression like watching, someone doing pray silently, as if suddenly want to have a disaster... The part of the weather, the picture seems to be static but full of strong tension and anxiety, but also embodies the painter good hope for the future, such as flowers and birds in the hand of the people of intimate contact with people, in the gray tone, reveal a vitality. In RanWeiPing series on "survival", the bird as a symbol of the image, almost appeared in each person works, obviously, the bird in this piece, there is a strong metaphor.
The palette is a work with strong visual appeal. Images to create a kind of rationalization of subjective aesthetic artistic conception of later period. The whole messy life as the painter in the hands of palette, see the world and the human society as paint palette, coordination, sometimes sometimes jarring, but who was always supposed to be rich and colorful, each has its own characteristics, it is the artist's personality.
In this group work, "the wind" is relatively straightforward. The performance of the works by people struggling in the wind, in the struggle between man and nature reflected some kind of confrontation. With the horse in the grassland, one power of nature is full of helpless, painting characters in the tension of the body at the same time, also show the human spirit of hard struggle.
The RanWeiPing series of "survival", the aesthetic orientation of heavy mental, emotional, the pursuit of oil free. In modelling, colour, stroke and other languages, implicative and freedom. This piece, draw lessons from the Chinese ink painting freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese elements, combined with modern abstract elements, to create a unique style, distinctive form of language, form the author's aesthetic style. Painter praise of life and the pursuit of personality, it is the spirit of our times, and through the artist about nature and human attention and thinking, full, deep and powerful
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