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Pursuit of Oriental female beauty-remember National People's Congress,famous painter Yang Feiyun

Pursuit of Oriental female beauty-remember National People's Congress,famous painter Yang Feiyun
In the National People's Congress Yang Feiyun oil painting in the world, women are almost one of his novels and the theme of "eternal". Appear custom oil painting in the body of work is consistent wen wan, quietly elegant, pure woman, and performance characterization and Oriental female beauty is Yang Feiyun hard looking for direction. In to mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the "38" international women's day, the reporter is interviewed Yang Feiyun women in art creation.
Female subject in art creation is an eternal theme. Yang Feiyun said that in ancient Chinese painting, the main targets of traditional Chinese painting in the tang dynasty is a noble woman, others are fairy, fairy, such as idealized image of women is far away and the lives of ordinary people. But the court of early paintings, or reflects their life, shows their elegant, elegant temperament. In after the founding of new China, women's status has improved, they are no longer just used to see in the image of delicate, and image expression of the strong, sunshine, show the beauty of women's labor. This part of the creation in today's our thematic and realism creation has played a very important role, has a very important influence.
And people for the women of subject matter custom family portrait works of fine art truly understand and accept, also with The Times progress and development. In 1989, after 10 years of reform and opening up the 1st body art exhibition held in national art museum of China has a huge sensation, it is the must go through a phase in the history. Yang Feiyun was cafa teacher; As participants, they the idea is to put the artists in teaching peace when writing about the results in the creation of "human" this point to you. Participate in the exhibition of many artists are using their own artistic language to draw the human body, rather than a simple exercise. In their view, ancient European attitudes towards human art, is a healthy, beautiful and harmonious, there is life, elegant; Body art is only a carrier, through the carrier to represent the United States, which occupies an important position in the history of western painting. While China has been because of the characteristic of the culture and society, in this aspect of the development of the later. Attracted more than ten thousand people visit the body art exhibitions, some criticism from industry at the time, said this is based on the human body to attract social sensation. Yang Feiyun said, our purpose is not the case, the audience at the end of the national art museum of China, they actually seen art; But this process is necessary, because the feudal society in China, after all, lasted for thousands of years of history, so the influence of the exhibition was very positive.
Yang Feiyun showed the classic beauty of women, most of the works seems to be very traditional. Yang Feiyun says, the characteristics of art, one is the trend of sex, one is timeless. Enter the ideological trend of museum of art has retreated, leaving is the author's level and painting aesthetic feeling, these will be as the extension of time more and more valuable. Is not a kind of style and the style of classical art, but with eternal value in it, he is focused on that, rather than have to reflect the contemporary breath and people. Key problem is a classical art will not be accepted in the contemporary society, it is the classical art in the contemporary value and significance. Classical art exists in the contemporary society, it is because it has the immutability of the emotional, aesthetic and vitality. So he in contemporary life, in him whom they see as much as possible to find the value of the performance, not to pursue the value of agitation sex. He not fixed from the style, and pay attention to the internal absorption, more aware of the present sensibilities and emotions of the characters, show their own culture and accumulation, to emphasise their initiative in the picture
of primitive simplicity and sensitive and oil painting moving characteristics of youth is wonderful fusion, make the nature conservancy oil paintings council, the son of the sun, coruscate gives a peculiar oil painting charm.
The exhibition will last until March 18
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