Sunday, November 17, 2013

Paul duran,Mr Lu will take pat sotheby impressionist paintings

Paul duran,Mr Lu will take pat sotheby impressionist paintings
Alfred sith to 1870 "al let in the Seine," is portrait painting expected to cost about $1.5 million to $2 million
Released recently, sotheby's in New York is scheduled for November 4, sotheby's impressionist and modern art in New York sales night will be held as scheduled, auction is Paul duran, Egypt's seven of collection, including impressionist, Pierre auguste renoir, meters, pissarro and Alfred sith. Most of these works since the 1950 s, there has been no public display, is expected to total about $8.9 million to $12.6 million. Early autumn, will be in France, Hong Kong and London to display.
Paul duran, Mr Lu (1831-1922) for the influence of art history and art market is unprecedented, he thoroughly reform the relationship between the artist and the dealer, and through his several galleries in London, New York and Paris to the French impressionist paintings to the world. In 1886 he decided to set up exhibition impressionist works in New York, guide the modern French painting American investment. His American customer custom portrait painting data including many of the famous figures: Harvey meyer, philips, Pope, potter, horses, etc. Investors generous with duran, his eyesight, collect a lot of good impressionist masterpieces, enrich the collections of the museum in the United States
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more than 541 million art yuan
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