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Deadpan stare -PangMaoKun watch consciousness of painting and its main body construction

Deadpan stare -PangMaoKun watch consciousness of painting and its main body construction
PangMaoKun society to a portrait of the yi people's old man here, this is the painting in 1983 oil painting "the apple is ripe. Subsequent years, because he has been working on the same kind, give a person with a strong impression, thought handmade oil painting PangMaoKun in influence China's rural painting art movement, leading to our nation's unique. In fact, people rarely, in PangMaoKun this famous work, has been showing a different kind of watch consciousness: in the old man half squat down, two hands on her brow, cover too dazzling, intense sunshine out quietly in the distance. When people read this work, all the artists selected shade affirm, thought embodies a mastery of detail. However, when we take a hard look at the work today, for PangMaoKun action during deep thinking, it is described a problem involving the artist's watch, just emerged from the work, rather than an artist in real life to notice such a typical details, as this is how he went to watch. I mean, not painter in shade this action to capture, then out of the in such vivid technique performance, but the painter himself was often so pay attention to the world. PangMaoKun is not the kind of person who like lively and make public, his inside collect, speak not much, eyes bright, there is a collection of sharp, and form a kind of illusion. I doubt PangChengKun in the imagination of self, from time to time held up a pair of invisible hand, obscures the real world too dazzling and the noise of the light, to detect hidden thoughts and feelings of human nature. After I read his work,custom oil painting for a long time, suddenly one day up such a key word "silently". Put the key words and gaze, to form a position, a visual direction, a habit of insight into human nature.
Con not indifferent, on the contrary, is a kind of experience, deep later return to the static state, like the old man yi, overlooking the distant place, but it is covered with hands. On the surface is in the harshness of the sun blocked by actually put a sharp in the heart, and make stare at everyday.
PangMaoKun has a female oil painting portraits, called "the rainbow sky quietly", showing a young woman crouching in the mountains, bending roll body, head in her arms, eyes rises quietly, silently staring at the front. I believe that this picture for PangKun bin, probably is not a strict sense. On the surface, PangMaoKun just want to convey a shy, a kind of inside collect, a kind of hidden gaze to the outside world. But because such a state of careful with casual between, but according to the artist's accomplishments, that is silent in the face of the edge of world turmoil. By contrast is a "red door seated woman", artists draw the objects in the room, the surface is a kind of quiet, but if from the perspective of view, we will immediately found a unique perspective, the painter's perspective, to see he is standing at the door, he painted what he saw, this the point of view of "see", I call it gaze, is PangMaoKun to express the theme. He is not in a quiet woman sitting indoors red sofa, he is in a way of gaze. Has the same purport is the other two Zhang Xianran painting in the same period of the indoor carefree boring another and another, that all the casual indoors, that at any time to find out contingency, highlights the gaze of gaze itself.
Unlike the apple is ripe, unlike the rainbow sky quietly more, depicting the indoor women's work, performance is a kind of from the attention of inside extroversion, theme songs, rather than in the picture. Hands in the shade with his head in his arms, is a kind of by the outside introversion, PangMaoKun concealed this quest, so images to produce a very meaningful ambiguity, and send out. Works express the first indoor woman with the artist's feelings, and then the audience feel, the feeling of artists. Retrieve PangMaoKun work during this period, I found he painted more than one, but a group of, have formed a series, labelling is called "indoor" series. So frequently has a similar theme to do again and again, to prove PangMaoKun infatuation for viewing Angle. It is a representative of the gaze, a through closed walls to reflect on the another space. I even doubt PangMaoKun fascinated by those who were not painted part, that the cover. He put the line of sight is confined in the border, unable to watch firmly block line of sight is outspread, questions the meaning of the watch. Here shows the painter's a kind of instinctive thinking, a kind of can't send
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