Thursday, November 21, 2013

Li Mu remote oil painting huge investment prospects,have extra money to buy

Li Mu remote oil painting huge investment prospects,have extra money to buy
Chinese oil painting market is more and more cause the attention of the world, it is because of the huge opportunity is obvious. Worldwide, art the highest return on investment is contemporary art.
Investment in art like stock investment on import oil painting stock selection, in the field of art investment which art varieties most valuable? Look from the past few years, the auction market is composed of the following several major parts: 1. The early paintings, accounts for roughly 15% of the proportion of the whole; 2. The Oriental style of Chinese classical painting style, accounts for about 6%; 3. The classical tendency of academic style, accounts for about 40%; 4. The young painter of diversified styles, including some avant-garde art, accounts for about 39%.
Today's economic form shaped "artistic value only on" market principles, and whether the whole of emerging plates, still waiting for the market to mining, let a young painter works created in just a few short years time prices several times, and even a few times the miracle of the market.
Painting investment stock selection, mainly to see if works of artistic value and academic value, market value creativity, legendary artist herself... Assess how much appreciation of space.
Recently, a young female painter Li Mu remote frequently appear in the media, cause the attention of the market. She is medium known as: female wholesale oil painting van gogh, contemporary Pan Yuliang... This year she was born in Beijing on October 10, 798 launched a one-man show, more than 40 paintings, and picture album was published by the people's fine arts publishing house. Opening ceremony the guests on the spot is a heavyweight, art, literature, entertainment, the press and business celebrities of nearly one thousand people to pay tribute, although the rain has such sentiment, caused the attention of many people, so big a new can such a large action, exactly is who
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more than 541 art million yuan

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