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Sun yat-sen's footprint sketch painting exhibition in Beijing great artistic feelings

Sun yat-sen's footprint sketch painting exhibition in Beijing great artistic feelings
Sun yat-sen memorial middle school, tsui's former residence, Huang Huagang seventy-two tomb, snake mountain fort ruins... 13, by the China council for the promotion of peaceful reunification, whampoa military academy alumni association and hosted the Chinese modern history "to mark the 100th anniversary of the xinhai revolution, sun yat-sen footprint painting oil painting exhibition" in the opening of the national art museum of China, the exhibition will last until October 24.
According to introducing, the exhibition includes more than 160 works, by the deep events occurred more than 50 outstanding artists carefully creation after on-the-spot investigation, sketch footprint throughout guangzhou, Hong Kong, wuhan, nanchang, guangxi, Beijing and other places. "History," Chinese modern history of Guo Dehong said, "the exhibited works has typical significance, browse in historical order, is a life of revolution of sun yat-sen, helps people learn the xinhai revolution today."
Chinese painting association Dai Shihe said this sketch is also exploring the path of the Chinese oil painting, the artist his aesthetic consciousness and attitude towards life in sketch entities, to explore traditional Chinese painting freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting art connotation, committed to the landscape, still life, the perfect combination of sketch, major themes, theme creation.
Art works exhibited widely, sun yat-sen memorial middle school, tsui's former residence, guangdong zhongshan sun west road, Huang Huagang uprising on the eve of the secret liaison sites and ancient LouWen Yu Shi clan academy temple, seventy-two tomb Huang Huagang, huizhou seven sites of female lake uprising, hubei military DouDuFu site and sun yat-sen's mausoleum JiTang, sealing and pavilion buried sun clothes in Beijing xiangshan green cloud temple, sun yat-sen temporary President office site, snake mountain fort, zhongshan ship, began park sites, such as sun yat-sen as Huang Huagang seventy-two martyrs cemetery plant personally and only a sun of pinus massoniana and blue cloud temple nine of Sabina chinensis.
Reporter discovery, the work of many series with the theme, but different artists through their unique techniques to present a different face painting subjects, wedding portrait painting by hand painted themes, such as sun yat-sen memorial middle school series, sun yat-sen memorial hall, sun yat-sen ship series, series. Dai Shihe works the sun yat-sen memorial hall is tonal and lively, the body of the picture is a panoramic view of the memorial hall, painting is the left side of the sun like a stand. "I don't like the gloomy, the historical picture have I think history is bright, has a bloody," Dai Shihe introduced that this painting is sunny after the rain the sun yat-sen memorial hall, the main use bright color such as blue, yellow, red. When it comes to memorial hall, Dai Shihe on the original designers praise: "the memorial hall is designed after sun yat-sen died please people, the designer is very young, about 30 years old, very creative. Memorial volume is big, but no column, appearance is very has the Chinese characteristic, have a lot of style, I think this is in line with the sun yat-sen's revolutionary spirit and mind."
Military painter swim health created "zhongshan warship", "xinhai revolutionary martyrs monument luanhe river state" and "snake mountain fort". The write identify two cases, he says, have a field trip, there are also limited in the objective conditions based on site material for writing. Swimming kin of the snake hill fort only a gun, cannon is before the dry branches and the top of the screen is a grey day. He said, it's in a snowy, hope to be able to clearly draw a battery. Swimming kin of the zhongshan ship to ship surface treatment is smooth, highlight the ship hanging triangle flag.portrait painting by hand painted  The xinhai revolutionary martyrs monument luanhe river state not to start from the front, but from the side to show the steps of the tower, a positive mental undead characters also appears in a inclined plane, a corner of the base of the tower in the picture to the positive, monument of the majestic momentum.
"These pictures are very loose," a lady through the pictures before, repeatedly praise. She said: "look is semi-finished products, but very smooth. Painting oil painting exhibition now less and less, is usually the painter picking paint material back to the studio, grind slowly, often the grinding the rigid."
A retired from the ministry of railways aunt talked about revolution exhibition, very excited. She said she often see art exhibition, national art museum of China, and also to the 798 art district. "Today's light are heroes of the past YongMing spell. See the revolution of oil paintings, really feel the era's people is not easy, overseas Chinese money, domestic life, sun yat-sen led the people to overthrow the manchu, is a very not easy thing," said, the aunt's eyes a little wet
large, now is not just something, some individuals custom portrait oil painting to pursue the problem, but how to rebuild the social credit system, only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
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