Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ma Hong "I have a dream" oil painting exhibition kicked off in Beijing 798 Zhao Xucheng art gallery

Ma Hong "I have a dream" oil painting exhibition kicked off in Beijing 798 Zhao Xucheng art gallery
The exhibition exhibits Ma Hong's 10 years more wedding portrait painting than 50 pieces of oil painting in oil painting creation, the exhibition held means Ma Hong dog walked out of the first step to achieve your dreams.
Ma Hong, a leukemia patients, from YuanAnXian cultural center in yichang of hubei, the original, and study literature is always in writing poetry, although also have the experience of cartoons, and thus win awards, but ill never painted before painting. Ma Hong with canvas affinity is 13 years ago, a 1998 in the morning, suddenly found themselves serious illness, chronic granulocyte leukemia, riddled with disease, the struggle, he suddenly to difficult oil painting very interested, have the impulse of creating paintings, and consistently adhere to the 10 years. Ma Hong says: "that's not my life will not get this, also dare not pick up the oil paints." Ma Hong dribs and drabs of oil painting are the crystallization of effort and sweat, is opposite of praise, a challenge to death!
Artist Ma Hong told reporters his own work
Ma Hong is summed up his 10 years in the road of painting: I seem to experience the life of the difficult of one hundred, one hundred, nature also won in one hundred.
Ma Hong godot told reporters: "in the world of pet portrait painting , I feel in dialogue with colors, with pictures, they bring me is excited, they listen to understand my feelings, I am not lonely, where I can find a sense of life in full bloom."
For Ma Hong godot, art is not only let him not sound in a way of life, he had another dream - with the help of his art to provide support for other leukemia patients. Ma Hong when fighting against the disease, through a lot like him, his roommate shenglisibie, because there is no money to heal and had to choose to give up his own life, deeply touched by these things Ma Hong's heart, so, the way he thought of using art to do something for the patients with leukemia. The exhibition is Ma Hong achieve its dream set sail, Ma Hong says: "I hope my work can be converted into economic value, to help those who has no money to cure leukemia patients."
Ma Hong suitors -- the pure art, the nature of individual life, with its persistent enthusiasm for art and life. His dream has just set sail, to believe that his life will be in full bloom
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