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Domestic fall special painting sculpture auction war games zheshang auction never give up

Domestic fall special painting sculpture auction war games zheshang auction never give up
On January 2, 2009, zhejiang zheshang auction will be held in hangzhou MeiDeYa hotel its 2008 autumn auction, a total of two special painting sculpture and antique furniture. Among them, the special oil painting sculpture auction is also this season marks of domestic oil painting sculpture. In the face of this global contemporary custom oil painting art auction is the result of the shrinking, zheshang Chen Liangjun auction general manager said, whatever the market, they will insist they think of Chinese contemporary art auction.
3 years will give up easily?
In promoting zhejiang region of Chinese traditional art, zheshang auction is a rare special create a trading platform for buyers and sellers of Chinese contemporary art auction institutions. Chen Liangjun tells a reporter, in more than three years time, zheshang auction has been promoting Chinese contemporary art, zhejiang province, now they have trained a batch of good collectors, many of these collectors to have more and more clear understanding of contemporary art. Despite the fall edition piece auction of contemporary art of China is serious, and even many auction companies have abandoned oil painting auction, but Chen Liangjun said, the result is actually not only is the cause of the economic tide, also with the collected works of direction and the price is very important. He believed that the trend of internationalization of Chinese contemporary art is its value and commendable. So,pet portrait painting he will not give up of Chinese contemporary art auction, and will use 10 years to prove its correctness, and to the whole energy resources to do it.
Valuation cut half of the 5 millions of items to clinch a deal
Therefore, following the spring launched during the first half of 89 China's new art "after the" plate and get good grades, zheshang auction season forward again, liu wei, fang lijun, zhang xiaogang, Mao Xuhui, ye yongqing, zhou chunya, participated in the "after 89 China's new art exhibition" important artists. In addition, Yin, back, and represents young artists also neat appearance. Sculpture section collected XiangJing, QuGuangCi, Huang Gang, artists such as Chen sculptures extravaganza. A total of more than 70 items, including liu "stone" in 2006, fang lijun to Ron Mueck's work "big baby" to describe objects "work" 2006.11.11 ", zhang xiaogang CheFu one of the biggest paper painting "girl", zhou chunya 08 new "green dog" and ding yi's "10 in 2002-6, 5 works will be the focus of this auction, valuations are millionaire. The Chen Liangjun tells a reporter, although this 5 pieces of ultra fine valuation millions, but compared to the price of the second half of last year, or cut in half. Before he said: "we are out of focus, has asked a number of collectors want to buy something, have absolute confidence in making on only on the basis of."
Support strategy: reduction with good quality, high quality and low price
Compared with the first half of the year spring, the autumn zheshang auction special painting sculpture works on quantity reduced by half, and big declines in value. Chen Liangjun tells a reporter, the whole market economy is not good, works inevitably leads to poor sales, in order to strive for the auction closing sales, largest must accept ability make conservative estimate of the market, so the compression in number. He said: "under the market economic depression, buttoned up to items will have to let the buyer have to feel real items of high quality and low price, otherwise it is difficult to have purchase desire." He noted that since the spring of 2008, China's contemporary art market is oil painting adjusted, and turmoil oil paintings as financial turmoil intensified, the price of water in the oil painting art market is accelerating drain, difference between advantages and disadvantages of art. The present value is more reasonable, adjust the mentality, adjust the collection structure, is art the real collector needs to be done

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