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Reveal the values of modern oil painting collection investment

Reveal the values of modern oil painting collection investment
Po Po art commentator Sun Ruifeng writing with the continuous improvement of living standards, become the new trend of contemporary art custom oil painting collection investment, art compared to stocks, real estate, etc., in addition to have great economic value, the value of it more embodies in spirit and culture, in order to meet the needs of the people of a certain aesthetic and spiritual needs. Someone once said that a fine work of art can show a world, painting as one of the most popular type in the world, become the first selection of people collecting art investment.
Oil painting collection has been turned into a new kind of modern fashion, a new direction, exquisite paintings can not only dress up oneself home, foil family atmosphere, also reveal a unique taste of life. Oil painting was introduced into China the time of late, but as people for oil painting of understanding, understanding, the domestic oil market is also increasingly active, and economic conditions continue to improve the benefits of investment in oil painting, people interest in oil painting is also growing, more and more people into the paintings, in order to get the satisfaction of spiritual and economic returns.
Zhang Chunbo "still life" (photo: Po baby Jane mall)
In oil painting in the ocean, we can find a place, a spiritual oil painting gallery home, we saw the beautiful still life painting, pure and fresh quietly elegant, meaningful heart may secure the one more point, we have seen, aka promenading landscape paintings, the in the mind may have a bold, we see the shape of spirit likeness, xingshenjianbei figure paintings, the in the mind may have a strange blessing, this is the charm of oil painting, which is brought by the oil painting art visual and spiritual double enjoy. Po Po art network as the nation's largest art exchange platform, which has a lot of beautiful paintings, or realistic or abstract, unique style, each has his strong point, for our present a colorful painting of the world.
Shen Yufei qing lotus (image: Po baby Jane mall)
In the face of the complexity of the oil painting market, many people looked divided, bo President relevant experts to the canvas investment lovers some Suggestions, as long as grasp good painting investment collection "vision, the opportunities and money", the relationships between the three can rest assured "the market", according to the reasonable collection targets gradually, will eventually form a collection of personal style, and then painting the investment success. Diagram shows the two paintings from fellow baby Jane mall, a picture of oil painting "still life", created by Zhang Chunbo painting realism, works full of stereo feeling and administrative levels, another of the qing lotus, produced by a Shen Yufei works style is pure and fresh and elegant, score and exquisite exquisite, the graceful girl image, dress is extremely rich simple sense, contrast with the dark background, more foil a girl's focus, give a person with tender feelings, the aesthetic feeling of warmth. (Po Po art commentator Sun Ruifeng writing)
[on] may grow old house, the luxurious jewelry prohibitive, investment in terms of art has a very good value, but also a very great appreciation of space, especially the oil painting collection seems to have become a new investment direction of modern people. Figure shows the two paintings from fellow baby Jane mall paintings, painters of exquisite, unique style, very investment and collection value
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total art turnover art of more art than 541  million art yuan

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