Saturday, November 23, 2013

Broken cocoon-Li Mu remote series oil painting human body for the arts

Broken cocoon-Li Mu remote series oil painting human body for the arts
"Human art" for our modern people is no longer canvas oil painting strange, in the moment of television, film, multimedia art carrier has more bold expression, the film "lust, caution" was the most representative film in recent years, the naked men and women in the movie the human body, to the person's visual impact, the senses are great stimulation. Some say this is China's progress and, of course, some people think that this is a sign of decadence. Sue purple purple events of 2010 also stirred a lot of people, whether it's hype, or really for the sake of art always people constantly concern, don't know because this is the man who is seen too much, or numb, or an open.
Two times in Chinese history of human art of big events, events, one is Mr Liu haisu human teaching cityu invited renowned artist Mr Yuan yunsheng then there is the airport fresco events. Mr Liu haisu courses in human body is at the time the progress of The Times, created the beginning of human art, at the same time let people from a new look at the traditional moral codes of some rules, is a challenge to the feudal society and criticism. Mr Yuan Yunsheng also caused the render big Bob, the capital airport mural paintings of nude part should be sealed for ten years, we again today to interpret this historical photo to painting process always feel some sad, really is that can be sealed ten years, actually this our heart is not one thousand years has been blocked off?
When people don't wear clothes in the primitive society, men and women are naked, with the development of the human people feel shame to the leaves, woven shade, humans began to enter the civilized society, that is to say, when we put on clothing of human civilization. So now is the height of the civilization of human beings, we again to take off my clothes off and feel confused, exactly is wearing out of the civilization, or from the art? About the beauty of this way, we also need to experience a longer time, when we want to wear it, want to take off the take off, we really civilization, really know us
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