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The auction is about to launch HanHai spring 2011 oil painting sculpture

The auction is about to launch HanHai spring 2011 oil painting sculpture
HanHai spring auction is about to kick off 2011, Beijing painting sculpture part for collectors laid four special performance, in the order: "special Chinese modern and contemporary art", "back to the source - found Sun Peicang family collect xu beihong custom oil painting special treasures", "art set Jane - Hong Kong Asian art foundation, special collection" and "small regards heart - Zhao Qingwei hidden special painting illustration manuscripts". Preview, on May 16 and 18, 19 to 21, the auction. The auction has collected lots of more than 200 pieces, valuation of more than one hundred million yuan. Salty boutiques carnival, excellent work set.
Special Chinese modern and contemporary art
2011 HanHai spring special Chinese modern and contemporary art has more than 150 pieces, covering oil painting sculpture each major section of the market, which fully reflects the HanHai oil painting department has always been adhering to the spirit of "based on academic, future-oriented". Special performance especially for collectors include "China's new art - born around 1975 generation", "eastern expressionism - free painting trend in Chinese contemporary art", "Chinese super realistic painting" three project, as the focus of the auction.
China's new art - generation born around 1975
HanHai continuously since 2008 to launch the most children portrait painting collectors of young artists, which includes both QiuXiaoFei, represents, Song Kun, Kang Haitao, Chen, TuHongTao, Li Jikai, Xiong Yu popular artists, including some market has not yet been fully recognition but very promising artists such as huang yuxing, such as the high intense work. Is the most recommended WeiJia within the project "the wailing wall", "terrazzo 02.9.27 Wang Guangle, gao yu's" fake politics ", "comb" appalling, and li hui of the niches NO. 2 ".
Orientalism expressionism - free painting trend in Chinese contemporary art
Emphasis on painting, expressive and orientalism "disconnection has been an important feature of Chinese contemporary art and the pursuit, portend the future market trend of contemporary art. The auction special collected in the trend of the most representative artist liu xiaodong, liu wei, zhou chunya, zeng fanzhi's high-quality goods project launch, fodder for collectors. Mr. Liu works "troubadour" is one of the representative work of early Mr. Big CheFu, is Mr. Liu the first millionaire in the auction market works, works profoundly reveals the plight of intellectuals in the contemporary social reality. Another Mr. Liu works "the water's edge smoking" in the United States the "1999 China art exhibition" held in San Francisco, and it is one of the artists masterpiece. Liu's two works "who am I" and "landscape" is liu wei in different periods of the high-quality goods, fully shows the liu wei's painting ability and talent people. Zhou chunya "under the loquat" and a "happy" is 2 m * 2.5 m, both works after 512 earthquake in 2008, reflects the deep thinking of life and social zhou chunya and compassion
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover painting of more than 541 oilpaintingfromchin million yuan

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