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MAO zedong collection value up painting made $4.07 million in 1988

MAO zedong collection value up painting made $4.07 million in 1988
On February 4, 2008, London, United Kingdom, Christie's auction house, a key figure in the pop art Andy warhol "MAO"
Although foreigners interested in collection of MAO zedong's growing, but most analysts believe that the political leader "the main reason for the price surge" or flattered from Chinese collectors. custom oil painting from china art supplier"For those who are growing Chinese collectors, chairman MAO's portrait is as if a kind of symbol." Artnet auctions a director said, "it represents the high-speed development of the country after the" cultural revolution ", and in economic construction has made great achievements."
American Howard farber, once considered by many to be "crazy". In the past 15 years, the retired real estate developers have been collecting works of fine art in China. One of the most famous of his collection is a huge head of Chinese political leader MAO zedong - created by the Chinese artist wang guangyi in 1988 oil painting "MAO AO".
And now, has been considered a "international art collectors" farber began to accept people admire eyes constantly. By his collection in a single form of "law" collection auction ", "MAO zedong AO" clinch a deal with the high price of $4.07 million. The old man said at the end of the auction, connect oneself are such prices "frightened".
Collectors are looking to the leader of China's most famous. Foreign collection site columns is introduced with MAO zedong badges, porcelain, and explained in detail in English inscribed with MAO zedong's poems. In early may, the international famous auction company Artnet is proudly announced, will be launched in the end of may's auction a set of written by pop artist Andy warhol portrait of MAO zedong "MAO". Auction houses a conservative estimate, this group of well-preserved, clinch a deal the price will reach $750000 to $850000.
"Most portraits of MAO zedong by different degree of damage, some faded, worn by sunlight or artificial factors," in an interview with the media, an auction house head proudly said, "before we provide work is new, it is kept in a printer, thus intact the original color and texture."
Before a month, "MAO" of another version just in phillips auction clinchs a deal with the price of $948500. And more people relish, in 2007, held in Hong Kong in another auction, the same set of portrait is real estate businessmen Joseph lau to clinch a deal the price of $17.4 million
and ancient rare books on various kinds of custom portrait special all clap, plus portrait into famous oil painting have ended the auction earlier wholesale oil painting from china stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner art 2009 spring
total turnover of more than portrait painting by hand painted 541 million yuan hand art painting China painted oil painting

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