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High oil paintings in art market,collectors to some attention of paintings in qing dynasty

High oil paintings in art market,collectors to some attention of paintings in qing dynasty
His works overall improved its price, the work also showed a trend of the growth in the volume of sales. Sotheby's IN New York to clinch A deal OF A qing dynasty PORTRAIT OF european-style clothing women (PORTRAIT OF A MAIDEN IN EUROPEAN DRESS), the price OF A qualitative breakthrough, this value is only $100 to $150, ended antique oil painting up with A price OF $408000, or about 3.37 million yuan, this is the first time IN the qing dynasty painting IN the international market get quite sure. Then, domestic chengxin auction launched two qing dynasty palace painting "civilian", and "attache like clinchs a deal with the price of 440000 yuan. In the spring of 2006 auction, Beijing HanHai launched the qing dynasty confined to the factory early style were "guangzhou" clinch a deal valence is 143000 yuan, Shanghai jia tai "western arts -- early Chinese oil painting" special roll out ricepaperplant pith watercolor painting "tea figure" clinch a deal valence is 17600 yuan. Overall, the market prices higher in the qing dynasty paintings mainly palace paintings, and low export prices of oil painting, more in the tens of thousands of yuan to ten yuan price range.
In recent years, although the price of oil paintings in the qing dynasty as markets heat up and picked up, but not in the art market forming a single market, its clinch a deal the price is not high with the heat of the art market. In contemporary oil painting art of hot market, as the Chinese oil painting "father" of the qing low cost oil painting dynasty painting market is not so hot, auction's work does not reduce because of this, clinch a deal the price also has not been a sharp rise. The reason is that academic research of qing dynasty painting materials rare, the degree of its propaganda and the research is not enough, so collectors knowledge of this part of the works generally is not high, attention than a modern oil painting.
Art value and market development trend
Qing dynasty painting at the time of the historical period, has its own special historical value and artistic value. Only in the understanding of the qing dynasty painting, on the basis of artistic value and historical value, to make objective analysis and evaluation on its market value.
In terms of qing dynasty painting art level, in the overall level of European painting background, represented by lang shining in the qing dynasty missionaries does not represent the highest level of European painting at that time, while the other missionaries painter and his disciple of Chinese painting skills are more thoroughly, so that neither palace painting or guangzhou export paintings, its artistic level has a limit. In terms of use, the qing dynasty court paintings are mostly used for portraits and decoration inside palace, rarely to thematic painting creation, even oil portrait is as sharply after emperor robe like to collect the material to use, rather than as a painting creation to treat. Guangzhou export painting folk masters, but also the oil painting as an object of foreign trade and trade with relatively strong commercial. But it is worth noting that the oil painting in the creation of the qing dynasty is a blend of western oil painting and Chinese painting art characteristics, formed a unique artistic style, with its unique artistic value.
In terms of historical value, both record of life after emperor palace paintings and reflect the rich natural and social life of export painting, all reflect the history of the qing dynasty status at the time, has some historical reference value. Oil paintings in the qing dynasty, on the other hand, is undoubtedly the budding period of Chinese oil painting, is the basis of contemporary Chinese art, epoch-making historical value.
Is a combination of Chinese traditional techniques and western oil painting style of paintings in the qing dynasty, is to represent our country development and change of epoch-making works painting style, has very high artistic value and historical value, and its only a very few, reflected in the prices in the market should also be relatively high, but from the point of oil painting in the domestic market situation in the qing dynasty, which sold far short of its market price, and in the west such epoch-making works of art such as impressionist works are very popular in the market, the price is quite high. With highly artistic value of the qing dynasty painting, its market value in the development of the future should be quite sure
2008, China's contemporary art market is oil painting adjusted, and turmoil oil paintings as financial turmoil intensified, the price of water in the oil painting art market is accelerating drain, difference between advantages and disadvantages of art. The present value is more reasonable, adjust the mentality, adjust the collection structure, is art the real collector needs to be done
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