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Development of hubei province oil painting art,has experienced more than hundred years of wind and rain

Development of hubei province oil painting art,has experienced more than hundred years of wind and rain
In the hundred years of development, it is closely related to the development of Chinese society, in the face of two social change, hubei plowed the generations of oil painting artists, new generation, not only achieved glory and dream of the abstract oil painting art in hubei province, more to their sincere and genuine feeling of visual description, and the art of social life with the sensitive grasp, written in the history of the development of Chinese oil painting art of sending out the strong local feelings. Explore the development path, oil painting art of hubei province, hubei painting when into catastrophe social trends, has its own unique context clues and the spectrum of knowledge, it clearly shows the characteristics of the following five: one, the needs of The Times and the historical responsibility; Second, the local culture to; Three, rebellious shicheng; Four, multicultural fusion; Five, and art criticism and art exhibitions, art institutions.
One, the needs of The Times and the historical responsibility
(a) the needs of The Times<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>
Xinhai revolution one hundred years ago, destroy not only to maintain two thousand years of Chinese feudal system, which is associated with the collapse of the feudal education system. The may fourth movement and new culture movement is young the flag of "science" and "democracy", and to advocate new is given priority to, and since the opium war in 1840, the west of the "military power" has brought the Chinese psychological sense of crisis and shame, make the traditional culture of China has been the unprecedented impact, while the improvement of Chinese painting has become the focus of the impact. Chen duxiu in the context of the fine arts revolution - a lv characteristics, on how to reform the traditional Chinese painting expounds their attitude: "if you want to put the improvement of Chinese painting, the first thing to king leather painting life. Because of improvement of Chinese landscape oil painting, broken without using the painting realism spirit, to... not to fall the ancients trap". [1] kang youwei believes "YiQu's draw some fine shape, fill my short of painting". [2] CAI yuanpei thinks "this life for something era, cultural fusion, director of the Atlantic, the country should adopt" [3]. And he said the "aesthetic education for religion" is the new art education in the early 20th century fuelled by the rise of and development. CAI yuanpei in 1917 in Beijing China society of "aesthetic education for religion" speech, "grateful feelings of disadvantages, but specialized TaoYang feelings of the art, is equal to give up religious and easy to purely aesthetic education". "Purely aesthetic education, so TaoYang our feelings, then had a habit of high purity, and make the person I saw, selfish thoughts of Roman, also by falling in the modification, change in beauty is universal, no people I see the difference of get into it." "Of aesthetic education can only religion, art can't generation of religion". Ending in the history of religion, religion is more free blowing the horns of progress and human liberation, especially his series of thought became the new art school thought and education policy. Introduces, advocating cultural integration become the main current of The Times.
(2) the rise of private - private wuchang art college
Painting (oil painting) after the revolution of China has been widely recognized, and in promoting art education that are showing a thick run around the phenomenon of the new school of art, with the rise of the new school of art, private wuchang art college are finally boarded the historical stage, thus, also revealed the development of oil painting in one hundred. Through the 1898-1937, the main painting school, 40 years, sprung up nearly new schools, such as private nanjing (founded 1920), a private art school of the wuchang art college (1920), private suzhou art college as soon as possible from the school of "national beiping art school" (1918), Shanghai normal junior college (1919), later, and national central university (1927), the art department of hangzhou national art college (1929), etc. According to Shao Jinzhi editor of hubei chronicle of fine arts (1920-1948), "on April 13, 1920, Jiang Lanpu, Tang Yi essence (temple), Xu Zihang painting tongren set up private wuchang art school (correspondence, two middle school), Jiang Lanpu as principal, Tang Yi essence as the dean of studies, Xu Zihang as director of general affairs, sesame ridge site set wuchang, students. Since then, domestic central beginning of art school" [4]. From the above is not hard to find in the historical materials, art education in hubei are starting earlier, and was in wuchang YiZhuan (art college in 1930 changed its name to private wuchang) as a painting of a faculty member is mainly composed of retention and retention, consists of two parts, including Xu Duigu institute, NiYiDe, Wang Daoping study in Japan, ZhuangZiMan, Tang Yihe study in France, this group of people is the founder and pioneer of China's early oil painting art education. They study in the twenties and the thirties of agitation in the last century, the first to accept the western art education thought, Yi Ying in the trace of the war years - wuchang YiZhuan painting history, the article wrote that the 20th century "20 or 30 s, when the climax of western modern art has been in the past, modernism has become orthodox, classical, college has an end, students accepted to study in Europe have are college of modernism, or is a modernist transformation of college education". Thus, it is that they learn from the west has not completely modernist art style, but modern art orientalize, is a modern college of art and art of combining the realistic art, which is easy to understand why the wind of realism in hubei province has been popular. It should be said that the period of the oil painting teaching in hubei power, teaching concept, teaching thought is not backward compared to Beijing, Shanghai, since the prosperity of hubei province oil painting art has also benefited from such as the guidance
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