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The main problem is from oil painting artists to Beijing after conversion in heart

The main problem is from oil painting artists to Beijing after conversion in heart
This transformation is that I changed later. The education you suffered in the past, cultural knowledge, after come to Beijing some bias on custom oil painting communication with contemporary art, this is the cause of pain. After I come to Beijing to do the "ox horn hat", there are some device, also make some text, achieve finally is zero, found that we used to absorb knowledge, including knowledge of art history, all of the knowledge related to art has a problem, is chaotic, finally I learn computer "refresh" to have a zero, also some people said to "reset". Delete the things on the computer is very easy, but the human brain to delete something really difficult, want to delete delete not to drop, want to go back to zero state can be difficult. I remember you are planning a "beads and stroke" exhibition, the exhibition also has practice, mentality to zero, that is only through doing art come to zero. I thinking this could be through meditation and all zero, this is 2002, and 2003 at the time of the more important a topic, just in a period of more disorderly, after art was seized by the market. I feel thanks to oneself at that time do the work of a zero, then the market up, couldn't return to zero, people are more impetuous, zero is no money, no money can't live.
I early work is very faithful to academic, should do drypoint is very academic, and do that also had a lot of time. When xu know me, because I every custom portrait painting day in the studio, I was at work from eight in the morning until eleven o 'clock at night, you'll be dead tired so hard, he said he to the art room to less, but every time he comes to see me, will attention to this person. When I was a student, I also participated in his work "a sealed book", "GuiDaQiang" some of the work. You have put forward many views of contemporary art at that time, I was still in the learning phase, the 1989 exhibition of modern art is just watching, no work, my understanding of the contemporary art is a lagging process. Later, after years of process, slowly found my favourite academic have essence of problem, so then think about the problems of how to get rid of their own academic lineage.
Chestnut: there are a lot of things can convert academy, but be sure not to "academic".
Wang: yes, educated and kung fu is very important, but the rules system of zombie, does not make sense. The system of the influence on Chinese art, I was out of the system. If after graduation to stay in Beijing, to songzhuang yuanmingyuan or, it may go is another way. My classmate, fang lijun, qi zhilong, wang qiang the have dinner together every day of the elder brothers, they are another way, just like I don't. I have 10 years of short, middle is not in art, but a from in spirit, this out makes me in another system. Then I have a "take part in the national arts exhibition gold award", what is "take part in the national arts exhibition gold award", in theory, to participate in the national art is not important, but the previous national arts exhibition in fifty years one of the most attention, from the propaganda department begin to pay close attention to this matter. Such a large system, including those administrative personnel, the use of manpower, material resources and money, with the nature of the Olympic Games have the same, I want to attend, but the goal is not to, but to make a concept, is if it can get the gold medal is successful, cannot fail to gold. So I did a lot of preparation, the result comparison when around my work brought a lot of controversy and discussion, finally I still got a bronze medal. , of course, must not prize, won the bronze medal then I think this work is failure, but this work in the system is set up, there is a duality in there, I think it is interesting, I take the work tried, failed
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more than 541 art million yuan

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