Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nearly thousand painters create 365 meters painting scroll to refresh guinness of world records

Nearly thousand painters create 365 meters painting scroll to refresh guinness of world records
By the nearly thousand artist, painter, on both portrait oil painting sides of the Taiwan lasted more than five months as the creation of large oil painting scroll to "jiangshan so much jiao", 1 first exhibition in xiamen. Before the exhibition, the world record association certification officer XiCao for this painting long long 365 meters world record for the certificate, it set a new guinness book of world records in the original 303 meters.
Xiamen haicang district, the art industry association of Li Xuxin, says large oil painting scroll "jiangshan so much jiao" by nearly thousand artist since June 2010 on both sides to create obligations, scroll up to 365 meters, made up by 228 sketchpad, 34 provincial administrative region of China, more than 300 natural and cultural scenery, Beijing the imperial palace, the bird's nest, Taipei 101, Hong Kong's Victoria harbour and other famous attractions are among them.
"Jiangshan so much jiao" implies the motherland 960 square kilometres of the earth "motherland" one of the three volume classification in the picture, then artists will continue to complete the "motherland" picture of the second and third part painting volume classification "56 ethnic groups, the 56 flowers" and the "five thousand" up and down. At the appointed time, the whole painting will be made by more than 700 copies of the canvas patchwork.
Haicang district party committee propaganda minister,custom oil painting said Xu Aicong joined on both sides of the painter, "jiangshan so much jiao" creation took half the year, to nearly one thousand the number of involved in creation, and its scale has set a new guinness world record, monumental work is stunning. Painting scroll to the completed smoothly and successfully, is witnessing a haicang district painting industry strength.
She said, from 1994 the first painter in haicang area entrepreneurial seeds, until now the tree has been deeply rooted haicang oil painting industry, flourishing, haicang paintings created magic "haicang effect".
Currently, haicang has built Ma Qing road yongxin garden painting street, xing in the oil painting village of port and surging oil painting industry base, there are paintings enterprises in 517, studio, galleries, employees 6495 people, producing goods canvas nearly 4 million copies. Haicang has firmly established itself as one of the China's three major oil export commodity base, haicang painting YouHuaJie in mainland China has become a well-known brands
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more than 541 art million yuan

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