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Painting the official state said real artist is back with flow

Painting the official state said real artist is back with flow
"A lot of friends come to see my painting, they all say good, I already very satisfied..." Recently, there is "the first person of xinjiang custom oil painting color," said the contemporary painter YanLi held in guangzhou ", primary colors in xinjiang, "personal painting exhibition, but in the opening of the exhibition yet, but he said he had met the mirth. From xinjiang to guangzhou, the growth in the vast wilderness on painter, between words with a simple and honest and open-minded.
In an interview with reporters, YanLi talked himself and the origin of art, talking about his more than 20 years has never disappeared in the western art career, about his view of today's art market. Painter, he argues, must have their own attitude and scale, "the attitude is sincere, simple and treasure of wisdom, a more profound understanding on human nature, because the painter painting is painting his." At the same time, he also thinks that the famous painter, there is also a lucky painters, the difference between successful painter and struggle of the painter, this is the scale of the painter.
Simple style and western complex
38 painting YanLi to guangzhou, give priority to with tianshan mountain scenery, turpan, kizil series. He have a passion for painting and went in the oil painting supplier writings of the ancient city, the western sky and forest wilderness, the desert sand is to present a kind of "ecological", and more than 20 years of experience, he unexpectedly compounding first initiation in complex in the west of a teenager.
Asked to have a picture of the story, YanLi laughs each picture is a story. He pointed at a picture of a blue village figure, "this is our country scenery over there the heavens and the earth was blue, that kind of interest, is a kind of relaxed, not load too much refined. Harvest had been reaped the field is very quiet, heaven and earth are color." YanLi like treat as a language of the most simple things, grain, flowers, animals, the clouds of heaven, even these simple things, often can let his mood cheerful, and with the most simple way onto the canvas. He often went to the countryside sketches, sometimes one or two months in the local farmer's home, live to eat, he believes and nature as well as the local folk customs in a body, "drawing is a process of the baptism of the spirit, and the fountainhead of my writing. Makes no difference with farmers, farmers, all the year round, I will paint all the year round."
In YanLi paintings, fields, wasteland is often the image, he was candid this is a complex of his art career, "we the place empty HuangJi, often give a person a kind of loneliness. Sometimes I feel the wilderness in a solitary tree is myself, or some kind of stick to us. When a person lonely, he is not only a tree in the picture, draw a tree and it is possible that the painting itself. The wilderness, everything is based on its growth. Just like the picture, although the paintings are the earth, but scrutiny has a lot of relief as the characters above, suggests that people and land is inseparable, has a strong symbolic. So I drew a lot of deserts, gobi, this is my western complex.
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