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Contemporary Chinese painting take a volume of first super painting traditional artistic charm

Contemporary Chinese painting take a volume of first super painting traditional artistic charm
Contemporary Chinese painting in the auction market finally more than the total volume of the oil painting! In the recently released the 2011 hurun list, people are surprised to see the results. On this piece by living artists of 2010 year China open in the auction market clinch a deal amount for ranking list, the works of contemporary Chinese painting, total turnover of oil painting for the first time on the traditional Chinese painting artist, the total turnover of 25.97 million yuan more than oil painting artist, accounts for about half the total volume of the whole list. And on the number, the top 50 artists, traditional Chinese painting artists from 19 to 22 last year, more than 2008 hurun list 12; Oil painting artists from 26 to reduce to 25 last year. In the face of all these groups of Numbers, researchers analyzed said: "the market prices of traditional Chinese painting, oil painting market also returned to the peak in 2008, Chinese collectors understanding of art is a huge step forward." Have experts and scholars, however, argues that the contemporary Chinese painting in the salesroom breakthrough last year although happy, but this does not mean that a breakthrough in the contemporary Chinese painting in the art history.
This guest
Liu Shangyong: RongBao auction co., LTD., general manager of Beijing
Zhang Qianshi: traditional Chinese painters
Commentators Shi Jianbang: Shanghai art market
Market research
Statistics failed in front of the art
Liu Shangyong: auction of contemporary Chinese painting, according to the current situation is very popular, but its market performance is very stable, don't like modern oil painting has ups and downs. As to clinch a deal amount for the first time the contemporary oil paintings of contemporary Chinese painting, it is because modern oil painting while emerging in recent years, one of the many factors attributed to hype and let it return to peace in 2010, the reason is because the Chinese modern oil painting a lot by art institutions abroad or buyers to collect, heating and hot of Chinese modern oil painting auction plays a big role, but rarely collection of contemporary oil painting in China. Now the contemporary Chinese painting auction has many prominent problems, such as local or regional. Shanghai style, the contemporary traditional Chinese painters of lingnan school is very popular in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta area, but few people elsewhere in the salesroom sign bought the painting, this phenomenon also let now auction companies are pushing around the local artists of Chinese painting.
In addition, the sales of contemporary Chinese painting and clinch a deal the quantity also focused on a few famous artists, like Fan Ceng painting in the last year or $150000 per flat feet, but is now up to $200000 per ruler, which other contemporary traditional Chinese painters of prices are far below Fan Ceng, some even a twenty thousand yuan every ruler
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover painting of more than 541 million oilpaintingfromchinpainti yuan

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