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Wang ping painting Kennedy art center collection by the United States

Wang ping painting Kennedy art center collection by the United States
Yesterday, a 10-day "burn cream wang ping oil painting exhibition" art academies closing in chengdu. This show continuous created works and the fair was to collect number and exhibition interactive painting solo exhibition in chengdu 3 records, make industry of people's attention. It is understood that the exhibition received more than 30000 Chinese and foreign audience, in the art gallery of chengdu single exhibition audience attendance record; A third exhibits taken are been collected, in chengdu art museum exhibits collections for the new record oil painting exhibitions. Exhibition is the interaction, such as lottery activity, open local exhibition interaction. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition of a work by American Kennedy art center collection, there is a picture of collected by the Chinese embassy in the United States. It is understood that after the exhibition, the exhibits will be transferred to the jin west road no. 72 in the Los Angeles city of stone art exhibited all the year round.
30000 Chinese and foreign audience with wang ping works
The exhibition by the provincial party committee propaganda department, the province cultural department, provincial artists association, the municipal party committee propaganda department, the city the much-anticipated, chengdu art academies in collaboration with the blue top art gallery, art gallery of chengdu, chengdu. 10 days on display in the exhibition has more than 30000 Chinese and foreign audience. In addition to pencil portrait painting numerous painting and calligraphy masters to pay tribute, a lot of painting and calligraphy lovers also. From the scene of the exhibition set up huge message card message, you can see people attention and affirmation of the exhibition. Message not only with local people and people all over the country, and from the United States, France, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries of the audience. When it comes to the exhibition of the popular reasons, exhibition, head of analysis, said wang ping oil painting exhibition play this card "after the 80 painting", efforts to develop new generation collector, show name "burning ice cream" is also very accord with young people be fond of, cause a lot of young fans.
Ice cream to refresh our city collection of records
The exhibition works collection ratio, refresh the record chengdu oil painting exhibition. Wang ping painting out total exhibition 77, about a third of whom are before the exhibition to collectors, borrowed in addition, the exhibition has a third works collected by collectors. Made a special trip to rong for the exhibition of famous watercolor portrait painting American Kennedy art center director, also in the exhibition for art center looking for Wang Pingmin a painting products.
Paintings for more than three years, wang ping has for the first collection of his work "the Dutch" memory. In 2008, he began to draw oil painting, the Dutch collectors Ben armon visit to chengdu art academies. "He saw haven't found a big circle to his heart, then go to the toilet, see when they pass by my office I drew a picture of the abstract oil paintings" jiangnan ", immediately said like, finally spent more than 20000 yuan to buy go." The Netherlands is one of the cradles of the painting. The experience gave wang ping great encouragement, he double diligently study practice, work is also more and more popular. According to wang ping's works are mainly to Europe and southeast Asia, Beijing, China.
Encourage the audience interactive innovation exhibition form
Dynamic feeling for his art exhibition and participatory, during the exhibition, he also made a special trip to setting up the special audience interactive activities. At the gate of chengdu art academies, a giant painting of the newborn sun to attract the audience. Crevice in the frame and oil painting, a child dressed in national costumes triumphantly beckoned to the audience. Curious viewers, some walked into a photo frame and oil painting masters, some simply send the child to hold himself as a leading oil painting. "I think art is can sense, art is all around us, the audience is the creator of the art and enjoy." Dean academies in chengdu, chengdu gallery director wang ping when it comes to planning the drawn from his paintings "QuJie nima, interactive activities. Interestingly, thanks for attention on this show and love, wang ping in the closing ceremony yesterday afternoon, also took out two oil paintings and 10 of his traditional Chinese painting draw for the audience, the atmosphere is hot
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover painting of more than 541 million oilpaintingfromchinpainti yuan

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