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In context of oil painting language, he can belong to van gogh, Matisse,may original dragon saburo

In context of oil painting language, he can belong to van gogh, Matisse,may original dragon saburo
Liao Jichun style all the way
To the blunt brush strokes to create a feeling custom oil painting in the world, and stroke is given priority to with strips, or short, or long, or an arc, or curve, up a heavy color, without harmony between brush and brush strokes, in hue of expression, reflected from the artist's self strength and thickness, namely a kind of emotional life spirit in performance.
I saw his ideal in the organic connection of consciousness, and constitute a kind of internality; In this way, the sublimation of painting language, as a direct result of the symbolism of his works, brought a lot of amazing aesthetic effect. If, went up from art summarized huang teng hui paintings, can use the "rose garden and the flower of life" to make a concise statement of the, because, artist, imagery, and the situation in the atmosphere is "impossible", that is the picture of the image formation, language expression, are derived in the sense impression type image, rather than the real image, which is a kind of "impossible", that it has provided a broad imagination and extensibility of the boundless, and integrate into the painting world full of metaphor.
I can see, pure color, color, short pen and cross disorderly brush combination, is the basic language structure way huang teng hui painting. His roses of different modal are in observation, understanding of artistic creation, and rather than hand painted oil painting copy the result of natural, therefore, in all of his works can be strongly felt the feeling of a capital life, his feelings eventually condensed on the picture, become depressed and lonely v of the romantic, sing. Images of the golden yellow, orange, red, blue, purple. Green, has become the symbol of poetic, be unable to describe the spirit of the tremor, rose so here is characterized by the holy one of concise and aloof, symbolizes the brightness, the mystery of life and eternity in spatial structure of orientalism is concise, underlines the strength of the brush and color clear, reflecting the characteristic of expressionism.
It is important that the painter in expressing the image such as roses, roses image will not be enough to satisfy with the theme of drawing and shape, but the life of their own spirit and ideal vision in the first place, making it the most direct visual characteristics, sometimes even almost abstract, but in the mean injected more subjective emotion.
Huang teng hui's oil painting art to a great extent, is for oneself of life, the feeling of the world, in the process of his ten years, he step by step to get rid of the influence of others, into the inner self, into the self-expression, reengineering the spiritual space of the world. Insist on your own intuition and romantic idea, adhere to the "real painting principle" and "the art of fuzziness grasp", used to convey not only beautiful, more important is mental performance, huang teng hui embodied in the works of an absolute "originality" and "idealism", and comes from feeling of life art language ─ ─ the combination of unique composition, color and strokes, together constitute the painter to the inquiries about the ultimate spiritual significance, he constantly awakened people back in return to simple lost forever in the civilized world. Because of this unique and performance, huang teng hui's works embody the profound relationship between man and art essence, embodies the art of high purity of the real and original
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