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Oil painting chairman MAO's portrait auction for 20.16 million yuan

Oil painting chairman MAO's portrait auction for 20.16 million yuan
Calm 47 round of crowd trouble. The more oil painting reproductions than 200 looks mysterious silent went unsold, the auctioneer making JinShangYi oil painting "chairman MAO's portrait 13 million after starting, began whispering. Auctioneer timely stop to speed quickly, a cup of tea, slowly.
A sign to the woman in black, 8, after several rounds of bidding, taken in with 20.16 million yuan for this painting, is rapidly disappearing at the gate of the auction room.
The reporter understands, this female buyers behind is actually a private bank. And then brought in more than 60 \ %, "for the first time in the top stage is wonderful" hunan oil auction, at least 3 hunan painting by guangzhou local private banking clients.
On June 25, the Oriental hotel in guangzhou, as the only invited to hunan media, our reporter at the scene of participated in the "China's top auction" Gardner, in the whole process of the 2009 guangzhou summer shoot will witness the private Banks, combined with the art market under the background of economic "recovery".
Our correspondent shao in guangzhou reported
For buyers as "private banking"
20.16 million!
Was on June 13, 14, two days in changsha custom portrait painting tour preheating JinShangYi oil painting "chairman MAO's portrait", taken in her summer conference, taking south China art auction market history first.
"That sign of women's obviously not the buyer himself. Only by a client." The auction, a senior collectors from chengdu told reporters. Then a reporter bottle, chairman MAO's portrait for buyers to domestic financial institutions, private Banks.
Because there is no hunan private Banks, so can be ruled out for chairman MAO's portrait went to hunan buyers. As to which specific is financial institutions, the reporter did not know. It is reported that domestic private Banks distribution first-tier cities such as guangzhou, Shanghai, art investment accounted for the largest proportion of the non-financial business investment.
"The economic situation is not very good cases, combined with product attribute and private banking clients high threshold attribute of the matching degree, art investment is one of the main current Chinese private Banks, non-financial business channels." Guangzhou international auction company, marketing director of Chinese Zhu Xinghai said
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more than 541 million art yuan
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