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Chinese oil painting art of cultural value concept is not a unified country

Chinese oil painting art of cultural value concept is not a unified country
It's individual consciousness of local (including the subconscious mind, and so on), is an artist born in its survival environment and profound in their life experiences and feelings, is to the local geographical environment and life experiences portrait painting to make reaction and reflection of specific individuals rather than abstract collective, is the present tense rather than past tense. Traditional culture for contemporary art, not natural is meaningful, it must be through personal understanding of the real world, to become art resources and spiritual power. Individuality is the emphasis on private attribute of the contemporary art, points out, by the way, the present Chinese art is the most serious problems facing it's official. Too deprived of the rights on the folk culture, is China has long been a social problem, the premise of the Chinese cultural Renaissance, must restore and reconstruction of Chinese folk culture, the growth of freedom.
Moreover, should be clear what globalization brought Chinese art?
The relationship between culture and globalization can be traced back to China even before the opium war, the long and painful process, and really into the context of globalization is after the 1980 s after the reform and opening up, especially in the ninety s. Due to China's economy has begun to enter the world trade system, combined with advanced way of communication tools and media in China's urban and rural areas gradually popularization, we gradually on the cultural information synchronized with the world. A sign of China's entry into the world's problems existing in China into the world of: from the ecological disaster to the environmental pollution, population expansion to the gap between rich and poor, from the minority nationalities to marginal groups, from corruption to drug violence, from the cultural competition to terrorism. All of these social problems, mental problems and cultural problems are widespread in the world, not only is the Chinese people must face. If the cultural values of contemporary art is the rendering of local consciousness, also don't say native culture consciousness is the problem consciousness in the contemporary cultural context. Contemporary art is the problems happened in our side, we react. Only in this reaction we can show local awareness of cultural gene, cultural thoughts and wisdom. Also only then appeared is specific, authentic, unique artistic expression, is likely to be only with Chinese cultural identity custom oil painting of the artist's contribution to the world, human, can only be done in the background of globalization of the cultural exchanges between the present, can only be true to multiculturalism change global integration restrictions and threats to people. Although oil painting in the contemporary art in the edge position, but in a variety of materials and techniques of oil painting can still play a role in the contemporary art. For art, contemporary is a world full of problems. If oil painting also belongs to contemporary art, it must face the problem of the world. We don't like ancient writers to assume a world in which there is no problem and a life that is no problem, then talk about nature, like dao, etc. We live in question, we itself is part of the problem, this is reality, this is life, this is the contemporary. Problem consciousness is the core of contemporary, all lack of qualitative criteria and value judgment if contemporary, also is not what cultural value problem. To determine the value of contemporary culture in classical aesthetics history recall is wishful thinking, however, that both trade globalization context, is also out for Chinese art in the context of the present. Cao Xing original in inheriting the northwest preface of the book "the know-how painting - inheritance and characteristics of Chinese oil painting", said: "when we strongly advocated in the Chinese oil painting creation have the native consciousness, we mean the mainland of China of problem consciousness", this is very good, it's a pity that she didn't, I hope I can read her related in this paper.
"Problem" has become inevitable today art objects, only the creation of the painting as a personal style, has lost significance today. With aesthetic cover-ups, differences in Chinese and western classical cancel contemporary, with form cover art wisdom, but entrenched structural pattern of Chinese fine arts.
Today's China, is a mixture of culture in both pre-modern, modern and post-modern society, the problem is the most of the world. Ecological problems, human rights, the underlying problem, feminism and minority race culture problems, these very important issues in contemporary culture in China is very outstanding and unique. Because of the problem of Chinese contemporary art enrichment and energetic. To the problem of experience collected art criticism conscience and responsibility, at any time, we can't to cultural rights (including voice), and give up these important things
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