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Since new century,Chinaese modern oil painting presents new characteristics

Since new century,Chinaese modern oil painting presents new characteristics
, editor of illustrated JinWeiGong manuscripts to me, asked me to talk about the development of Chinese modern oil painting since the new century, it reminds me of the yellow 1996 designed for editing album (1) the first academic invitational handmade oil panting exhibition of contemporary art to my manuscripts. At that time, I according to the actual situation, talked about the development of Chinese contemporary oil painting in the 1990 s. Comparison of the two, I deeply feel, but 10 years, Chinese modern oil painting, profound changes have taken place in the inclusion and exclusion of, so, I should emphasize in particular: first of all, based on the reason of industry established over the years, this paper also includes the so-called paintings, in fact, in the replace the oil paints with bean loose or mix the two work; Secondly, the concept of oil painting is a very open in this article, has been far away from the traditional definition of classical oil painting. From then on, this article will review the new phenomenon of creation, only not to talk about my previous article ever involved phenomenon, that is, for those who are still along the way forward in the 1990 s early artists, this paper will not repeat.
A, an image of Chinese contemporary oil painting
The question of "the image turn", was first proposed by western philosophy. Familiar with western people know of the history of philosophy, the ancient hand painted oil painting and medieval western philosophy picture focused on the things themselves; In the 17th century, western philosophy picture instead of thoughts; Time to more than half a century ago, western philosophy picture has focused on the language of expression thought, this is the famous "linguistic turn". But when present, western philosophy picture again turned to the third time, and started to focus attention to the image. So in philosophy had an image. I have repeatedly mentioned in recent years, "the image turn" in Chinese contemporary oil painting is only a borrowing. With strong wind swept through, in my opinion, today's emerging art painting, no matter how rich in artistic style and novel, mostly associated with the image resources of reference for all kinds of painting class. As a result, most emerging painting in the image representation and processing technique is completely different from traditional "realistic" painting, which for the most part to shake the foundations of its existence. Generally speaking, most of the new painting on the reference image resources has the following three main trend, the emphasis on image, all kinds of existing public image or cartoon, network and computer game resources. For the ease of writing, I will separate to talk about below:
1, the reference (2) of image resources
Borrow photo resources have already for the practice of artistic creation, but in some of the traditional "realism" painter there, even if the use of photos, tried to render or macroscopic observation and similar to the classic paintings hand-painted effect. Art history tells us that this kind of situation in the United States photographic realism artist Robert hand has been a fundamental change. In contrast to the traditional "realism" painter, Robert in his works focus on prominent is the effect of camera to watch. In his opinion, a good photo is in itself a good works of art, the painter just take copy, and it can also be formed from a fixed style and error of observation. German art home and hitt just above in between. According to records, starting in 1963, he often according to the pictures for the second creation, not only to a certain extent, the effect of draw lessons from the camera to watch, also to a certain extent, the diversity of hand-painted method in traditional painting them, the result is to painting has brought the new development opportunity, its influence. Existing data show that in the early 1990 s, draw lessons from Richter's experience to a second creation historical photos done is the most outstanding Chinese artists zhang xiaogang, his historical merit is: no matter on select material, or in terms of performance, has highlighted the deep well of China. The representative works of "family". Perhaps Mr Zhang's success has greatly inspired the young artists, may be the result of the background of the young artists. In short, in the late 1990 s, a large number of young artists, deeply influenced by "cultural image" very comfortable turn their "image consumption experience for the creation of the special way, and become the main force of emerging painting. But, unlike Mr Zhang, their inspiration from the reality, the picture is according to the fictional effect posed and capture, then its wisdom to convert to the canvas. Moreover, many of them when I use photos, also to a large extent correction and deviation from the traditional realistic technique. In essence, they take a kind of beyond the objective subjective representation. Its common features are: first, all love to borrow for photography not recognized the bad photos (3) for a second. Second, on the premise of outstanding machine watch borrowed from the image of a number of methods, such as someone borrowed camera shaking effect (Yin, He Sen, FuHong, etc.), some people deliberately borrowed from the great effect of photography (zhao nengzhi, Qin Qi, Li Ji, etc.), someone borrowed from the black and white monochrome effect (zhao nengzhi, xin haizhou's paintings, etc.), some even borrowed the technique of TV illustrated (Li Dafang, etc.); Third, are emphasized in the process of dialogue with a painting and image to create your own unique expression; Fourth, pay attention to show the strength of the image potential or some kind of effect of uncertainty (some also pay special attention to the ordinary person see combined with the history of the draws of lens); Fifth, very the attention to performance of the young people in the form of microscopic narrative loneliness, confusion, fear, emptiness, helpless survival status and existing problems in the consumer society, and thus set up their own image in the world; Sixth, is different from the traditional portrait painter, they are the characters in the picture is not the real life of some one or a few people vividly lifelike reappearance, but the life one kind of people of "modeling" production. Its essence is to highlight China's present one kind of people in the society mental state and trait. According to baudrillard, this kind of artistic image can be referred to as "to like" and "class". However, the statement means appeared in the painting in the image of the new painting class is monolithic. On the whole, although young artists in different ways has made many simulation of the nature of "illusion", but on the selection and performance of concrete, still have very big distinction. This we can see in a large number of artists. , in contrast, there are some artists' creation is having a unique style, although they also draw lessons from the photos, but basic abandoned the appearance of photography, to retain the characteristics of the painting. The characteristics of the works such as zhang xiaotao "festering landscape" is giving life in microscopic images to enlarge the processing of sex, to highlight the material life of sex in the consumer society extravagant contains absurdity and irrationality; While the southern hebei artist with expressionism from moving image effect, to the pursuit of the expression of uncertainty in the life. There are many about this situation. Limited to space, here I will not list one by one.
2, for the reference of all kinds of existing public image resources
From the perspective of art history and methodology, in the artistic creation of various types of existing public image resource reference method, is undoubtedly influenced by the influence of American pop art. It should be said that in China, its representative is as early as in 85 has gained prominence during the period of wang anyi. Although some of the young artists to come also boldly borrowed from the various public image with Chinese characteristics. But, by contrast, they seem to pay more attention to the cultural issues arising from the consumer culture and young people's actual living conditions, at the same time pay more attention to adopt similar to commercial advertising, popularization of images or related expression images to create what you need yourself. This we can see in FengZhengJie, zhong biao and others work.
As far as I know, a lot of people to draw lessons from all kinds of existing public image resources and techniques of artistic exploration is not cold, because they don't think similar works manifests the past humanists emphasized the so-called "humanistic spirit", and showed signs of "spiritual foothold" to move back. To tell you the truth, it's just continue past standard the conclusion. For with young artists to use popular image or related technique scheme for artistic creation, said the bottom, or to adopt a new way of cultural care, and consumer is supreme irony "materialization" of the mental state. Its practices but Chinese society is more and more commercialized, become more popular media reality, has the cultural inevitability, not surprising. In addition, the image symbols disguised as gaudy and is regarded as with irony imitate an excuse to use, and it is the purpose of the artist to hide behind, quietly to explore the alienation factors in the reality, and the causes of these factors of history and reality. It should be said that the artists are actually in the new cultural background on the new coordinates, and the new cultural dimensions, puts forward the more timely, more humanistic spirit
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