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Jia ark talk about third wave of Chinese oil painting development

Jia ark talk about third wave of Chinese oil painting development
Chinese oil painting in the process of nearly a century, has experienced three major development. Is the first stage in the 1930 s, before and after offer oil painting the "May 4th" study abroad under the background of a group of young painter has returned. They returned with their own art exhibition, ideal of running a school, organize various art activities, publications, translation works of art. A fierce debate between different genres, the main performance of classical realism and modern poles of the confrontation, thus forming the first development of Chinese oil painting. However, as the national liberation movement, the development of art had to give way to "anti-japanese national salvation" the social themes. Oil painting in the development of the second boom is in after the founding of the fifties and sixties. Although the fifties and sixties is a blockade of the western culture, but in the process of wholesale Sue, still have a big development of Chinese oil painting realistic system. Although from creative thought to the teaching system are increasingly diversified, but for a national culture to be recovery, these foreign nourished after all bring new vitality of Chinese oil painting. Unfortunately, as the "left" ideological trend day is worth a and the arrival of the "cultural revolution", will push the development to the vassal political dead end.
Since the late 1970 s of 20 years, Chinese oil painting is the third stage, is also one of the most important period, because it is to promote Chinese supply oil painting has entered an unprecedented new stage. In this stage, painter active unprecedentedly, all kinds of display continuously (1). Every new trends in the Chinese contemporary art, almost all first from the field of oil painting, Chinese contemporary art history, by painting take up more than half. In some eyes, nearly a history of Chinese modern oil painting (2), that is to say, in the process of the development of Chinese contemporary art, oil painting has always been in a "mainstream" position, the painter has always been the dominant force in the development, even in not by a type of "modern art", the painter is first and foremost, become the most active factor.
This situation shows that Chinese oil painting in the process of its development consciously aware of, its subject is directly related to Chinese contemporary art common problems facing. Therefore, each kind of tendency to appear in the field of painting, and at the same time also indicates the developmental trend of Chinese contemporary art. From the late 1970 s the "scar" and "local" ideological trend, to tend to the poetic sentiment "beautiful wind"; From "85 trendy" to "roots" hot "and" language purification wind "; From the classical realistic wind to play the realistic and political pop trend, constitute the main vein of the development of Chinese contemporary art. If drew out in the field of oil painting development of this kind of ideological trend, Chinese contemporary art history will be a what appearance. It shows that the oil painting of the important position in Chinese contemporary art and it should not be ignored. As a new type, it is burning with life at the moment in China, to show any other picture cannot be compared with vigor. From western-based theory of traditional roots, it is less than a century, is far from being compared with ink, but also because of its young, to show its vitality, show its sensitive and elan, although in many important international exhibition, easel painting has been replaced by a large number of installation, but in China, oil painting, let a person feel is moving it's "human nature", since the late 1970 s of 20 years, it is through every step of the way, is a indispensable important link in the development of Chinese contemporary art
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