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Financial tsunami that oil painting works of art investment market,08 fall positive again and again

Financial tsunami that oil painting works of art investment market,08 fall positive again and again
See Hong Kong su fu is bad not bad after clinching a deal, inland auction market, pricing, shuffle, wait-and-see, cautious, consolidation, oil painting supplier speculation, bottom filled with them. The reporter understands from domestic major auction houses, southeast Asia, the Middle East mystery buyer spent heavily to enter bottom of contemporary Chinese ink painting art, this phenomenon is widely attention.
Southeast Asian buyers sotheby's, Gardner for the Chinese context master works at a record high
As Hong Kong Su Fu Chinese painting and calligraphy fall over, although in the 20th century Chinese art special deal fell to 35.4 \ %, but China's artistic now special performance sell-through rate was up 80.1 \ %, sotheby's head of lily said, "the auction buyers performance very cautious, but still meet the needs of the market continue to top art." Contemporary ink painting master wu guanzhong clinch a deal the Yangtze Wan Litu for hk $15.78 million, CAI Chinese context gunpowder ink screen works the eagle in the sky, eyes, and people - people "(eight screen) took a hk $17.46 million, zhao and others show Chinese culture international works for a good price. Buyers of fine masterpiece, academic value to buy, buy portrait painting Chinese context, is still a constant rule.
Sotheby's CAI China context powder ink screen (local) hk $17.46 million.
, vice President of Chinese KouQin said the financial storm intensity and influence are greater than in the past, the government is taking measures to boost domestic demand to avoid risk, to resist crisis is possible, but the Chinese art market is rich and colorful, will some change. '08 autumn 18 special turnover was 360 million yuan, have high-quality goods, and the price clinch a deal, in which contemporary painting and calligraphy, ancient rare books, modern and contemporary arts and crafts. Chinese contemporary ink painting plate, more than 75 \ % clinch a deal the real Liu Qinghe "scenery 21st 1.344 million clinch a deal the success, the fission QiuDe tree - landscape, $1.23 million deal, Shen Qin, age iron core, martial arts, such as Liu Zijian contemporary ink painting artists market stable growth. After three years of market adjustment, the contemporary ink painting as the core of the Chinese painting and calligraphy in the future have been identified. According to people involved in the live auction, the collectors of suspected for southeast Asian collectors bottom admission, the reporter called the auction house, staff said confidentiality restrictions inconvenience disclosed buyers information
2008, China's contemporary art market is oil painting adjusted, and turmoil oil paintings as financial turmoil intensified, the price of water in the oil painting art market is accelerating drain, difference between advantages and disadvantages of art. The present value is more reasonable, adjust the mentality, adjust the collection structure, is art the real collector needs to be done
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