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Chinese contemporary art to speculation:oil painting art has been over

Chinese contemporary art to speculation:oil painting art has been over
The hurun list of 2010, LengJun again yesterday pet portrait painting with reporters, said: this list don't have much significance, had nothing to do with the artist. However, from the change of the list, he thinks that art bugs turn again.
Three hurun list, LengJun twice, once. LengJun said: "this has nothing to do with me. Last year, he said, no, just shows that no one selling his paintings take out; The games showed that such, someone sold his painting out last year. "This suggests that the artistic achievement of an artist, also reflect the artistic value of works of artists, more cannot explain the artist how much money, this is the result of marketing hype."
LengJun is a low yield of painter, and creation of oil painting in their own hands in recent years, the market is his early works. "On the list, you failed, may be someone pointing to you, but this does not affect my work. Whose picture, the real art collectors in the heart is." LengJun said.
Oil painting art has been over
In oil painting and sculpture artist has always been "hurun list" in the mainstream, traditional Chinese painting artists less than twenty percent, but turn over on this list. Last year, the top three are oil painting artist, zhang xiaogang, wholesale oil painting yue minjun and zeng fanzhi, this year the three all artist dropped out of the top five. Zhao, wu guanzhong and Fan Ceng three traditional Chinese painting artist instead. And, look from the total number of artists on the list, the traditional Chinese painting artists from the previous eight every jumped to 19; Oil painting artists from 35 to 25 last year. In addition, the painter's work turnover was also significantly smaller, such as the last row of zhang xiaogang's first turnover 300 million yuan, the volume of only 36.79 million yuan.
LengJun said this change, the contemporary art bugs see a few years ago has the oil painting art over, see fry up, is now moving into the traditional Chinese painting art
of primitive simplicity and sensitive and oil painting moving characteristics of youth is wonderful fusion, make the nature conservancy oil paintings council, the son of the sun, coruscate gives a peculiar oil painting charm.
The exhibition will last until March 18
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