Friday, November 22, 2013

Chinese folk art origin,distinctive national spirit and local characteristics

Chinese folk art origin,distinctive national spirit and local characteristics
Distinctive modelling, various forms and cultural implication profound, aesthetic concepts, and simple accumulation for five thousand years Chinese custom oil painting civilization culture connotation, is a brilliant one of the most important part of Chinese national culture and art.
Over the years, on the concept, composing style and skills, western contemporary art deeply affect the creation of Chinese painters, on the one hand for constructing Chinese contemporary painting a new art form, on the other hand is also easy to lose its own cultural judgment and position. Especially after a large number of image resources cited in foreign countries, the hard to avoid the face of contemporary painting swayed by western painting, and even become subservient to the western contemporary painting and televsion. Embarrassed, we found that some western painting as a priori criteria, out of the painter of native culture have been dried up, and signs of poor meaning, skill, pale. At the same time, the cult of western oil painting for a long time and make the oil painting creation in the lack of local characteristics, the imitation of western painting as supreme position, which greatly weaken the position of Chinese contemporary oil painting in the world. The effective way to change this situation is to attach importance to the traditional culture of China, from the traditional Chinese culture to find the source and inspiration of creation, to establish custom portrait painting local aesthetic standard, for Chinese modern oil painting a more accord with the law of development path. In fact, for the Chinese traditional inheritance and reference, as early as the beginning of the 20th century to the middle school is body, for western with "slogan is put forward, after a group of artists are physically. After the founding of the oil painting "nationalization" puts forward practical is the extension of the concept and practice of Dong Xiwen "founding ceremony" is the oil painting "nationalization" masterpiece. In addition, some of the older painter also made various efforts and try. However, for mining and using of traditional culture elements is far from achieving a proper degree of dependence for western oil painting to weaken the spirit of what we should keep independence.
YouHuaJie after thinking and practice in recent years in China, especially the end of last century at the beginning of this century the domestic YouHuaJie once in the debate about oil painting nationalization, increased the traditional culture, including folk art. Although on the definition of the nationalization of oil painting, different academic views, but from a certain extent, to create Chinese oil painting, especially the character of the Chinese oil painting, looking for the local feature of Chinese oil painting, promote the culture of Chinese oil painting, does play a positive role, and has already become and art theorists actively face the proposition and reflection.
From the perspective of oil painting nationalization, for reference and use of traditional culture, has a variety of ways and means, and on the absorption and transformation of folk art is one of them. In recent years, some artists began to consciously seek valuable part in the traditional image, looking for painting from the Chinese traditional and folk art elements, use them. This is not only to a great extent, shake off the excessive westernization of judgment error, at the same time for the Chinese modern oil painting to find some new image resources
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