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Impressionist paintings how painting, color and form is always truth

Impressionist paintings how painting, color and form is always truth
In painting faction, the characteristics of impressionist is seize the moments of light and color, impromptu put pen to paper, don't do many ideas and images arranged beforehand, stroke is often point now, do not do painting depicting. Impressionist painter what work? Deutsche welle reporter interviewed cologne repair masters of impressionist oil paintings. In cologne, anwar Ralph Richard folz Museum (Wallraf - Richartz Museum) five floors above, a square room, the light is enough, there are two tables together, among the table is covered with a layer of light grey felt, felt is covered with a picture, after the French impressionist painter Paul gauguin a landscape. Repair female art experts lai wei luntz install over the table is a portable microscope, carefully observe the details of the picture. She said: "if I through a microscope to watch the picture, you can clearly see color piece on the painting shows a different drying process. For us, it clearly shows that this painting is not like the dickens ha, but slowly, the pigment is drawn layer by layer, the layer below has dried up, and to draw the above this layer, between two layers of a period of time." Magnification of 90 times, is the layman can also saw what the expert is referring to.
Picture on a piece of green, it's clearly highlight around in a maroon. Obviously, this piece of brown purple is the fact, is in the green already painted after dry. Lai wei luntz said: "this is clearly and impressionists had typical representations, namely take the paint is not dry enough when add other colors, so that different colors can mix well together. Under the microscope, we can identify, the painter in the different colors of paint does not wait how long time." Lai wei luntz estimates, painting the first draft of may indeed be done painter in nature, but later on it in the studio polishing processing, so it can't completely impromptu. Another landscape on an easel in the next room, at first glance as if also being waved off the cuff, but in fact is not entirely spontaneous. It is representative of the Belgian post-impressionist painter van rees berger beach landscape painting a picture of performance, it looks really like a painter to the interest, it only took 15 minutes of time, in a cigar on the lid of the box and then hastily. The colour looks a fleeting moment feelings, really like a painter has not blocking the clouds is the sun, before the change of atmosphere, lose no time in ha. But when the scientists used a infrared camera when analyzing the secret hidden in those colors, they were surprised to find that the seemingly impromptu images, actually through the elaborate design and planning. Lai wei luntz said: "we can see clearly from the infrared reflection map, the whole picture really is built on the idea.
 We can see that picture on the right side of the tree was later the painter to do some changes, he changes the position of the tree. Is the picture on the beach across the part and the coastline, painters have done the changes." That is to say, the detailed analysis of the images and pictures on the details after the show, at least not all of the impressionist painters are entirely with moments of inspiration to create. Lai wei luntz says: "I think we must correct our concept of impressionist painting. This impromptu painting is still the basis of those painters have received formal training in the academy of fine arts, and they are in the impressionist creation also learned the skills used in pet portrait painting academy of fine arts, that is to say, before you begin to design picture." Monet and day miller especially show true person model and subject of art cologne repair experts plan together and natural scientists, and art historians, study of 70 works. This is in view of the impressionist painting of the largest scientific research projects. Scientists are in each piece for a set of standard analysis: first, take pictures in different light conditions, and then using the microscope and infrared camera are analyzed. If necessary, they will also have to work on X-ray, such as the French impressionist renoir painting is accepted the X-ray, because scientists have found that the picture on the color piece has a fault, the top here seem to have more color, the level of the other colors. Lai wei luntz said: "we found by X-ray, there are a picture, the picture clearly, renoir dissatisfied with it so once again, that is to say, he used the same piece of canvas created now people can see the picture. On the x-rays, we feel surprise, of course also delight at the same time, we can well distinguish the two picture." Indeed, the X-ray showed that in the west on the surface of the picture behind frank couples, also can see clearly the two light painting is the image of women, it is a picture of the picture, a picture of a back renoir works. Cologne this large research projects will last until the end of 2006. Chemists to analyze the chemical composition in paint, wood, canvas, explore the impressionists use tools. Students will imitate in the laboratory scientists observed on the original colour effect, painters works are discussed. Wait until the end of the project, after all, scientific results analysis summary, project units will organize a public exhibition, the mysteries of the impressionists
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