Monday, November 25, 2013

Painter huang teng hui's painting theme vientiane vitality YuBo by sunlight

Painter huang teng hui's painting theme vientiane vitality YuBo by sunlight
, despite his brushwork and color acura custom oil painting is rural, coast and interior still life, but we see is under the "sunshine" life of joy and colorful bean fly and the atmosphere of peace and serenity, here, not sad.
Huang teng hui with real feeling and experience of natural life, heartfelt praise life under the "sunshine", as a result, his art is "authenticity", and his "natural" oil painting form and language, with a reflexive without carve, wide-ranging in the picture.
We have seen, in the works of huang teng hui, is the basic language points, lines, the way he by intuition, the form and nature of the perceptual grasping things, abandon the logical law of reason, make the way of thinking to be free, and then put everything into inner emotional expression and form of symbols, only at the direct express feeling, for the purpose of life is embodied in more concise, more simple language depth and height.
Reading works, we sincerely feel leisure fai works the most outstanding characteristic is sweet and auspicious charm and humanity, by inside and outside work is permeated with anacreontic, innocence and romantic poetry, the painter, the nature of the world exist, rather than a representation; Is the theme of life, not a life; Picture concise still life, therefore, in the middle of the elegant tonal in deduce the pet portrait painting richness of rare, in very concise brushwork, color processing, visible from the subjective characteristics of mind, everything is not natural, the starting point of all, the spirit of all the personalized needs, therefore, all the techniques of expression, artistic processing, etc., are not deliberately to, but from inner spiritual calm and nature; So in leisure fai's painting art, don't pay special attention to the details of depicting vividly and techniques, is his own life to feel the sunshine of life, unity, unity with the nature and life and art
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