Sunday, November 24, 2013

Artists painting sculpture is steadfast on road of market,with expectations

Artists painting sculpture is steadfast on road of market,with expectations
Guo Runwen "eternal memories"
Price: RMB 11.76 million
In the contemporary art slowly recovery, RongBao custom oil painting began to find their own path. After the spring, has launched a new 80, pioneer new classical realism, picturesque, contemporary art, famous engraving six topics, altogether has achieved sales of more than 4000 ten thousand yuan. Cover works Guo Runwen sewing machine series "eternal memories" clinch a deal for 11.76 million yuan, this work has received in the second session of Chinese oil painting exhibition of Chinese oil painting art prize, published and published many times, although it is a still life work, but it brings people to the deep mind of touched, beauty and love of shock, has high art realm, the value of this work is for artists landmark, museum work, has a very high collection value. Chen's "dawn" is to display the lasting appeal of water works, the multicolored colour and quiet family contrasts pillow river, have a strong impact of art, clinch a deal for 2.352 million yuan. The auction, the sector accounts for a large proportion of contemporary art, xia xiaowan's "ring", Mao Xuhui parents seat etc, are all in the history of Chinese oil painting occupies an important position, the two pet portrait painting works with 1.12 million yuan and 840000 yuan respectively.
Yang Mingyi "water festival"
Price: RMB 3.584 million
The spring after new special emphasis on its 80 outstanding young artists, from the national colleges and universities graduates and graduate students and gallery of young artists, court, schools of thought contend. Wen Jie kung fu 007 "008" kung fu, liu bing of "I am here where are you" "25 cat" memories of the summer "lost", Ding Jianping "that is not my kite", "one of my 2008" wang Dan, gao xiang "flower - night", "dying of the light years" series of dina liu second-class all got good grades. RongBao always focus on the younger generation of artists, are like the introduction of new Chinese ink and wash, the new special is to find the new man, cultivating goal, to the young generation artists to display talent, who also inject new vitality for Chinese contemporary art market, people believe that such efforts will eventually return to the attention of the Chinese contemporary art and artists
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring
total turnover painting of more than 541 million romchinpainti painting yuan

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