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Artist Ren Weiyin original thin coloured drawing or pattern of Chinese oil painting market potential is tremendous

Artist Ren Weiyin original thin coloured drawing or pattern of Chinese oil painting market potential is tremendous
Art history, there is an old Shanghai painter, his colorful artistic talent, buried by special period and special history for many years, until the late time after nearly two years, just as the one-man show host with higher price in the auction house, suddenly appeared. He is Ren Weiyin, the freedom of will be written in the Chinese painting ink and spiritual introduction of oil painting, his original "BoCai" the first drawing. Recently, the reporter from Ren Weiyin daughter, have obtained, the famous American fashion designers Ren Anci Ren Weiyin art museum is located inside tianzifang, ready when completed, will not be regularly feature Ren Weiyin created nearly 300 outstanding works, and free and open to the audience.
A compatibility of Chinese and western
Born in 1918 by American aunt vigorously cultivation Ren Weiyin an early age the art talent, more by her czar court painter and famous artists of the French were brought in to family teachers of fine arts. Graduated from high school with my uncle returned to Shanghai, Ren Weiyin give up high school, with their interests as a xinhua YiZhuan, from Wang Jiyuan, Pan Yuliang, and huang, Jiang Dan Chinese painting class.hand painted family portrait painting At a time when glamour to the eclectic, also let many belarusian nobles brought home of world famous paintings, this makes Ren Weiyin opportunity in various exhibitions and private sitting room to see the master of the original.
Life after a pet here
Childhood life well, young have masters, until the year and the coming of age at 20, Ren Weiyin solo exhibition was held for the first time, i.e. the predecessors Lv Fengzi, Chen Zhifo, pan's concern. After the outbreak of Anti-Japanese War, he QiBiCongRong, has moved to kunming, chongqing, wen yiduo, Lao she, Zhang Daqian, xu beihong and he became close friends. In the 1950 s, Ren Weiyin returnee "east studio", and "meng studio" was "studio Harding said Shanghai" three "art school", and the four is red regular script characters hanging, then changed into the Shanghai famous trademark "department store" ten years ago. Ren Weiyin hire teachers team, is to have a fine name. Brilliant, after suffering followed, Ren Weiyin a drink in the special period of exile to gansu yumen horse farm. To go back to Shanghai, he dwelling house 10 square metre, every day to WuYuan road and changshu road repair plastic shoes, great aunt mother eyes when the lanes "masters".
Poor and create "BoCai"
Plummeted at bottom Ren Weiyin still can connect the life of strong, optimistic, even than for more than a decade of dickens' novel "a tale of two cities" obtained the shoes of the speech to the doctor, old friends Zhang Leping also almost every report to his XiuXieTan, chat together. All trouble not erase Ren Weiyin love of painting, as long as there is a little spare time, he secretly run to the suburbs or painting in the park, in the home also teach students to draw. Once, have students work Ren Weiyin, please advise, when will leave the corrugated board of painting and he local materials, will be as a canvas, effect is good. In order to save oil paints, he also invented "BoCai" style, wholesale oil painting from china accidentally to get rid of the heavy and grinds to the paint itself, "research" the new "Chinese" oil paintings, ink and wash to achieve the busines visual effect. Now in the eyes of the art critic, "BoCai" painting has become Ren Weiyin a great contribution to the history of Chinese painting.
Today, from the fine arts predecessors deceased has more than ten spring and autumn period. Ren Anci said, get rid of the "old Shanghai luwan" complex Ren Weiyin, in his art career, many creative content for inside tianzifang old shikumen and around street view for paintings. Today to see him inside tianzifang the paintings, do not have interest
large, now is not just something, some individuals custom portrait oil painting to pursue the problem, but how to rebuild the social credit system, only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
wholesale oil painting from china stamps, COINS, bronze mirror, Gardner 2009 spring
total turnover of more than 541 million yuan hand art China painted oil painting

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