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Classic 20th century art,Chinese oil painting pioneer in special performance

Classic 20th century art,Chinese oil painting pioneer in special performance
The 20th century classical oil painting market how? Believe this edition piece will be important to watch the market this fall. 2010 coincided with Lin custom oil painting Fengmian's 110th birthday, and cooperate with wu guanzhong's memorial project, in the twentieth century pioneer art performance as the start of each big auction house painting sculpture plate. To fall out of Chinese "development and special foundation - 20th century Chinese oil painting pioneer", launched China's first generation and second generation of oil painters more than 60 pieces of high-quality goods. This batch of works has strong times breath and master demeanor.
In the early 20th century senior painter of studying abroad will introduce the Chinese oil painting art education, as the founders of Chinese oil painting. Such as xu beihong, Lin Fengmian, liu haisu, developmental, PangXunQin, YanWenLiang, Wu Dayu, WeiTianLin, wu zuoren, etc., represented by their early predecessors have high status in modern Chinese history of fine arts, their works after the war, there is not much, has the very high collection value. This batch of senior artist market in Taiwan, mainly in the overseas Chinese market already very mature, Taiwan HuaLangYe since the eighty s had a lot of this work, sort out, also won quite generous returns. In an age of art market more oil painting gallery diverse, this batch of treasures to become one of the hot spot in the market. In recent years, along with the domestic collectors and auction for the deepening of the research of art history, the 20th century, have comparatively obvious pioneer paintings market advance, 20th century pioneer paintings will reach the commanding heights of the originally belongs to the Chinese oil painting market.
Sotheby's auction in autumn of 2010, the first field in the 20th century special performance have achieved good results, on October 4, the 20th century Chinese art auction, sell-through rate reached 70%, the total turnover of 137313751 Hong Kong dollars. And also in the preview each big auction company, in addition to the special performance of Chinese worth looking forward to, wu sheng auction is located in Shanghai, in a certain advantages in the old oil resources, and the autumn patted special painting sculpture, the industry pioneer launched China's first generation of the artist's work. Including a giant heavy variety of Lin Fengmian works "akiyama figure", sun yat-sen memorial hall in the early 1990 s Taiwan and as of the exhibition on display album cover. Wu guanzhong's cloth paints purple bamboo early spring, painted in 1973, is for early representative works, also attracted the attention of collectors. Auction Beijing sincere special painting sculpture in the 20th century Chinese oil painting, also highlights Lin Fengmian, YanWenLiang, Wu Dayu classic works, master YanWenLiang 1955 oil painting "mountain nursing home screen", has been included in 1982 published "the theory of modern artists art, work and life: YanWenLiang". Wu Dayu "untitled - 36 (green chrysanthemum) CheFu is larger, and so far its clinch a deal the record and the second, and the price is" the dance of flowers "and" untitled 37 ", belong to the same oh for only a few big creation. Wide-ranging Lin Fengmian: the "landscape" in Taiwan's history museum held Lin Fengmian retrospective exhibition, 90 - year - old Source of the river scenery is clear, published in 1979 XiDeJin includes the reform of Chinese painting pioneer ─ Lin Fengmian ", the Taipei fine arts museum in 1988 "China - Paris: early integration of painter retrospective" focus, and tianjin as beauty "Lin Fengmian complete works" and so on several important album. Shanghai DuoYunXuan in "classic view" plate, the launch of wu guanzhong in 1973 oil painting "huangshan mountain bamboo board, income for himself of the complete (complete works of wu guanzhong. 2), collectors also provides for this two letters letters to support its true master. Roaf the focal point of the auction works Lin Fengmian "opera characters - west chamber" is from Hong Kong SanHuai hall collection for many years, have been included in the painter monograph books, estimate up to 950000 to hk $1.5 million.
See, the auction house will works recommended the emphasis on the description of the 20th century research, it can effectively solve the authenticity and old work concerns before collectors
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more than 541 art million yuan

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