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Development of Chinese portrait painting is full of all kinds twists and turns and discomfort

Development of Chinese portrait painting is full of all kinds twists and turns and discomfort
Traditional Chinese figure painting including history painting and genre painting, Taoism, Buddhism painting, traditional Chinese painting portraits and five major categories, parallel, overlapping each other. Portrait is generalized in terms of figure painting, specifically refers to the relatively independent to face, bust, portrait, portrait as the theme of figure painting.
Portraits of ancient Chinese called "vivid portraiture", "photo". Draw off sweetheart, just unique, unique, people of the great painter ku, years don't draw eyes, others asked him why, he said: "four segments shes Chi this is not about beauty, vivid portrayal is plugging in." He painted "know-how" handsome celebrities PeiJie plus three hairs on her face, he painted "a mound, called themselves the" of Xie Kun put it in the rock, only one purpose, is to show the charm of the object and manner. From the point of view of from gu kaizhi to Ren Bonian portraits, or the write like a secret from the king gets, the mysterious to, Shen Zongqian of dielectric boat BianJuan learns a three - god, Ding Gao photo tips and other portrait works, recording and playback is never the main purpose of the Chinese traditional portrait painting. And the rise of the yuan dynasty literati paintings, portraits of becoming a traditional Chinese painting, while not only in the landscape and flowers and birds, and in the stories, customs, Taoism, Buddhism, ladies, and Da Vinci, Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" in the status of Renaissance paintings.
Netherlands in the 1430 s the painter Yang - all - Ike (Jan van Eyck) and hu Bert van - Ike (Hubert van Eyck) brothers in vera's techniques and hybrid techniques developed on the basis of comparative perfect oil painting techniques and draw the famous religious paintings Ghent altar paintings and portraits. "Mr Arnault finney's custom portrait painting wedding." Oil painting was introduced into China in the historical data record, wanli decade in 1582, the Italian missionary matteo ricci came to China and will be like god and the virgin as presented to the emperor, in 1715, emperor kangxi 54 years, lang shining again another Italian missionary came to China to become a court painter, health, harmony, dry dynasties developed a compromise between Chinese and western painting. In fact, as early as in a century before matteo ricci came to China, had appeared in the door plank of fujian PuTianXian couple with paint paint in han's western beauty portrait - "wood beauty", has been introduced to China, soon after visible paintings appear so far has a history of more than five hundred years. However the oil painting was introduced into China at the end of a four hundred only, undertake the task of the religious propaganda and is seen as a photography before recording and playback of a "novelty", therefore has not been accepted as intellectuals. Oil painting really become "art" in China began in the late 19th century and early 20th century introduces. Under the influence of "wholesale westernization" before and after the May 4th movement and CAI yuanpei of aesthetic education for religion says, Chinese artists were study in Japan and Europe and the United States to study oil painting, had Li Shutong Li Tiefu etc, by 1919, xu beihong, Lin Fengmian, after, liu haisu, such as people, they return home or school or participate in education, painting as an art class takes root in China.
Thirty years from 1949 to 1979, "MAO zedong",wedding portrait painting "three prominent" and "all the big red light" has always been the mainstream of Chinese oil painting. They are in the early 1980 s the "scar art", "local realism" in stark contrast. Luo zhongli's "father", Chen's Tibetan paintings, He Duoling "spring breeze has been awakened, and so on in order to" person "and" human nature "as the theme of the works up to the Chinese oil painting" schools of thought contend, the flowers ". Especially the "father" luo zhongli, Chinese farmers suffering, vicissitudes of life, solemn and stirring head appear in common CheFu LingXiuXiang huge canvas, and the painter USES interesting photographic realism technology, create a soul-stirring vision wallop, so highly symbolic significance. In the 1980 s the last five years (1985-1989) of "modern art" seems to prosperity, but in fact is the various schools of western modernism of Chinese version of "shanzhai", after the hustle and bustle and left nothing valuable works. In spite of this, this movement is like a drama before the opening of the sound, the people's attention to the turn of the century.
"New classical wind" painter mostly academic portrait painter, ChaoGe is one of the most unique among them, his expression is created in the oil painting "sensors" anxiety, messy hair beard man Chinese intellectuals in the late 20th century has become the most typical image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. ChaoGe portrait oil painting expression "noble pure and serene" great classical spirit, this spirit of classical communicate through the portrait of "Mongolian" and show the contemporary. "New generation" in the outstanding representative painters Mr. Liu from early research - Lucian Freud (Lucian Freud) direct sketch method, this paper has developed a bluntly, unscrupulous portrait oil painting language. The dull and boring in real life, absurdity and humor, cruelty, indifference is artist performance incisively and vividly, such as his big creation plan two groups "hotbed" and "ocean's eighteen. Shi Chong portrait oil painting method is very complex, the theme of "life" is very simple. He often starting from the concept and production equipment, taking pictures, and then with realistic technology presents on the canvas. From young people in "happy", "landscape", today to the surgeon, dong zhong's portrait, Shi Chong portrait oil painting is actually "installation art frame" an impressive results. XinDongWang portrait paintings are mostly from directly write to, the ability to sketch is well-established in the circle, the national arts exhibition gold medal of honor is proved. From the head the flax lee to portrait portraits of "security" to "early" and "decoration", XinDongWang create the vivid series of the villagers' participation of image has become the contemporary Chinese a unique cultural landscape in the process of urbanization. Mao Yan painting show a pure personal look amazing energy, his paintings in the theme of the portrait of a consistent, even a consistent specific models. If in the 90 s Mao Yan with friends as the theme of the portraits with obvious characteristics of classical "expressionism", then the new century Mao Yan protean "Thomas" series has presented a kind of trance chaos and dense Oriental artistic conception, you can assume it's character, also can maintain the landscape.
In addition, in the "political pop" and "realism" in the growth in the soil of Chinese contemporary art F4 (zhang xiaogang, fang lijun, wang guangyi, yue minjun) also have a special liking to "portrait", both black and white ash and red yellow blue, whether serious or ridicule, also their cultural base can be traced back to luo zhongli "father", and "the cultural revolution art".
More than five hundred years ago, Netherlands, people invented the oil paintings, but painting is not the patent is Netherlands. Painting rich expressive force to make it across the west, China. Through the ages is always in the inherent Chinese culture on the basis of absorbing foreign culture and form a new culture and life cycle. As well as the zen Buddhism was introduced into China, the oil painting was introduced into China will produce new Chinese oil painting.
Descartes, Rene Descartes once said: "man is the master of nature and occupant." Nietzsche (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche) said: "art is the highest mission of life and the life was the metaphysical activity." From willy Randolph Venus (Venus of Willendorf) to Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol) "Marilyn Monroe", a history of art is a visual culture, about "human" portrait art shearing straight into the ground emersion "people", the structure of the "people", "people," deconstruction "people", its eternal charm through ancient and modern, across China and the west.
I think, portrait is a kind of theme, painting is a kind of media, both will be transcended, "internationalization" and "Chinese style" is not important, but the real experience of individual life spirit are artistic propositions of the eternal
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