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With light of the celebrity,Chinese largest auction house on hunan oil paintings

With light of the celebrity,Chinese largest auction house on hunan oil paintings
The economic crisis has hit and opportunities at custom oil painting the same time. Because before my eyes only up staring at the hot artists big auction company, now finally willing to lower the head to, such as her first targeted painter of hunan, and one eye is 49.
On June 25, 2009 guangzhou international auction company of Chinese summer sale is going to hammer in the convention and exhibition center in guangzhou dong fang hotel, hunan will have 52 pieces of paintings collective appearance, this is the first time she has a strong promotion of local artists at the provincial level.
On June 4th, come to our art director wang, in hunan province and hunan province oil painting, Chen, vice President of hunan artists association, director of the writer and accepted reporter's interview with the west.
Why phase hunan painting: the light of "MAO zedong's" on the original
Although after years of cultivation, hunan art market has been struggling, hunan local artist's work, it is hard to get the Christie's auction bigwigs, Christine lagarde. Gardner introduced this back once 49 52 painting works as an artist, wang said in addition to the factors of the economic crisis, also has relationship with MAO zedong.
Originally our company also pretty melody. This pet portrait painting year coincides with the 60th anniversary of the founding of daqing, they received a picture by a famous painter Mr JinShangYi creation of large oil painting "MAO". Painting creation in 1966, for up to 1966 yuan. And Gardner organizers felt that MAO zedong is the hunan people, if have hunan oil painting exhibition, together will be very meaningful.
Pick painting experience: five months only see work regardless of age and seniority
In order to select and promote hunan painting, she is the best. Began in December 2008 to April 2009, Mr Wang, visited hunan three times, in xiangtan, yueyang, changde around to see paintings, also want to painters sent image data, compares the hunan oil painting.
As for the selected works and valuation standard, wang said very understand, is on the basis of market and art. He went to the yueyang to see a picture, a room full of people, he does not know, a look at the full wall paintings, selected works of person to check the number again. This seems a bit cruel, but he felt that this is the law of the art market, painter, qualifications, age, position and only look at work.
52 piece price: don't heavy digital art to divine
The art fair in guangdong, the Chen and the west, in the early to participate in the auction, the not only their own works and trying to organize the Gardner auction. He stressed that the sale is the most important is to promote hunan painter confidence, dare to accept the market test.
52 the hunan oil painting to be able to sell how many money? Wang's bad estimates, also feel unnecessarily disdainful of the number of markets. He reminded the artists in the face of the market, to have a good state of mind. "The market is garbage, art is sacred." Appears once Mr Wang, because "only enter a state of pure art, just can have real market recognition of good work."
Relevant link: the only state-level auction enterprises
China guangzhou international auction co., LTD is the only state-level auction enterprises by domestic Chinese enterprises holding international auction co., LTD.
On May 30, 2009 of Chinese spring sale in Beijing successfully. In the two days of the auction, including Chinese painting and calligraphy, porcelain arts and crafts, painting sculpture images and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more than 541 million art yuan
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