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Real life and mind image era of mark-Liao Zhen wu painting visual context

Real life and mind image era of mark-Liao Zhen wu painting visual context
Attention to development of the social reality of image and culture, is an artist's social responsibility and the discourse narration and oil painting gallery the right approach for the construction of academic - Liao Zhen wu
Liao Zhen wu to Beijing central academy of fine arts oil painting department for further study and development in Beijing for three years. He respects the desire of mind, heart is always filled with vision care of life and life. Go to Beijing before his watercolor painting creation has small achievements, and have not been held in leshan solo exhibition, and the high praise with jia. His perception of art shows a kind of spiritual wisdom, and in the watercolor works creation with a clever and inner poetic. Trip to Beijing painting transformation, so that he can in a more important development platform to build their own art fields and choose their own direction. And proved, the choice of the Liao Zhen wu has by his recent works imprint of The Times and the pursuit of personality traits on revealed, at the same time his artistic context presents a kind of academic content in the spirit of the weather. This is what he named after "label" and a series of paintings are diffuse and conduction of artistic breath.
Liao Zhen wu of this batch of works is his painting contemporary visual thinking, practice and practice is the incarnation of a he paints handwriting oil painting factory heart, his oil painting is to the reality and the visual reproduction of life. As a kind of social phenomenon of China's development of care and interpretation, Liao Zhen wu named after "label" to his thinking and expression of the here and now. This naming of "fashion" and "tags" personalized appeal, embodies the painter focus on the point of tangency and realistic context of inner link. His works focus on visual source has the characteristics of a real concern, but this kind of care is not photographic superficial representation of interpretation and straightforward description of him from the exploration of the expression language choice and construction form of visual tension building, trying to transcend the external visual image from the start of the fetters of the so-called reality expression to our mind, the choice makes his works from a variety of image details, and then for his image of inner true spiritual expression swept away obstacles, thus obtain the artistic expression of personality liberation. But solemnly to declare to the transcendence of representational and individuality liberation is not on the composition and grasp the language and thought in creative let reason without restraint, not a creative fooling around, but art diversified development and the choice of the establishment of the artistic value and the pursuit of value orientation, the choice of Liao Zhen wu type and language transformation has been clear about the direction, as well as the value orientation of his work laid the foundation of high grade and academic.
Liao Zhen wu "label" series is divided into two topics, one is from the migrant workers from rural to urban development motorcycle teams, is a fashion model in urban community. After China's reform and opening up, economic development, urban construction, large flow of migrant workers, in many of the urban-rural fringe, migrant workers into the city business development motorcade abound, formed in the late 20th century to the early 21st century Chinese society an exception highlights the real life picture, motorcycle walking, they came from the countryside, the hope on the city, their vision and sweat at city in this world, because the world has brought their survival and new opportunities to get rich. Although they do most is the most dirty and tired of living, but they seem to take. Liao Zhen wu their viewpoints at another theme of urban model group, the fashion career is with China's reform and opening up increasingly popular, and with the continuous development of China's economy strong and attention, they with their own beautiful body and different styles of fashion constantly lead and changing people's consumption level and consumption concept. Also for the development of model industry perspective on our development and consumption fashion of upheaval. Direction of the two subjects, shows the Liao Zhen Wu Minrui thinking, he is using his way reading recognition to those around him. His interpretation is, of course, fashionable, individual, full of wisdom and spirit to critical thinking. Whether the time tag of 16 slightly narrative motorcade grand scene visual view, or the time tag of the nineteenth, 20, 20 second imagery affinity, concept expression, artists in the show a ideas and creative attitude. Also is a kind of fuzzy hazy consciousness and image reconstruction images of discretion, his starting point is to get us to the real concrete image resolution for individual interpretation of the ICONS, because this interpretation space come from the heart and let us open the wings of imagination, gain the initiative to create a work space thinking.
Liao Zhen wu works creation, its graphic expression is the color of gray haze, almost always carry out the image of the ink, flowing ink painting of the charm. Label seven of his era, ten, ten first-class work, rich ink type character expression and pure cold gray background lets a person in a picture of a rational comprehension to a contradiction. For its composition carefully deconstruction and reorganization of intellectual expression, let us in cool sky back seems to be happening around seems to become the memory of some distant and fuzzy
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