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View Xia Junna paintings deeply touched,like a miracle of The Times

View Xia Junna paintings deeply touched,like a miracle of The Times
I asked Xia Junna: "you mind others art to gossip about you?" She replied without hesitation: "don't care." Tone light, but it is full of confidence. This is what I'm looking forward to answer. The so-called "gossip", all I heard was to imitate, to repeat itself, France, the middle class interest, traditional and modern custom oil painting ideas, such as commercial. Here except for the former need to distinguish between two points, the rest do not need to distinguish, because in my opinion, today's art in addition to the "quality of personality" other do not importune. You see her in China have emotional appeal of France, in France, you would see her this is she. Her obsession with classical, elegant, quiet, deep, graceful and restrained beauty, that of course she is not radical, not halfback, art must be radical, avant-garde? This line of thinking itself is avant-garde. As for, the relationship between art and commerce Xia Junna speak in "forget the art market is very clear, no more. Xia Junna art favored by many critics value creativity, it is enough to show her creative and artistic personality, theory of "imitation" failed to distinguish between imitation and reference, affected by a and imitate a distinction, illustrates the criticism of the rough. The art of Xia Junna touched me most is "on the road" of the state. I'm here "on the road" has two meanings: one is her person painting and art, life and blend into a unified life journey, the end of the journey is uncertain, but the process is full of charm. She is part of the art of life, full of interest for chores. She said she was a day after the morning chores first, "so I woke up from a dream, can enter into the working state of", began to work at ten o 'clock, oil painting reproductions work five or six hours a day, years of ceaseless, stretched canvas, dry scraping gum, burnish themselves, "I think I've done everything is passing my feelings start". Her art is a part of life. Her paintings are indoor or flower girl, with some kind of autobiography color, she said: "the painting has been integrated into my life, has become a comb emotion, get rid of the trouble, and even beneficial health of body and mind a panacea", "like people playing chess tea". Another layer of meaning of the "on the road", refers to the painting is above works, the process is more important than the result. She painted never draft, the draft also uncertain, so the result is not the default, painting impulse from the search of the unknown, "every unknown world attracted me to start again". Here, life is generated, art is set up, and life is the unknown world of adventure, and the result is to find a timely interrupt process, "know when to end, more important than to know when to start. This state is fascinated her and make her feel mysterious, as if "hand control" by me. "On the road" status is an important characteristic of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese art, it is the pen color pen, the art of calligraphy at heart.
Why Xia Junna liked painting girl? Because she doesn't pay attention to the external differences to all ages, sexes, all she needs is the most suitable to express their grievances through the body, as Zheng Banqiao liked painting bamboo. Why Xia Junna's girl mostly have a kind of phase and the lack of personality? Because, for her character outward personality differences is unreal, your inner personality is true. Why is she special emphasis on layout? Because only then can external deconstruction of three-dimensional space, reshape the space in the heart. Why her deep love false or true means and subtle shades of space psychedelic light? Because only that pen color won the life and spirit. Why she was so in love without meaning of solid (form), through the brilliant (color), has the strong (pen)? Because it didn't like her awake, like a drunken dream. Why her bright beautiful colour always break out from a hair wall slabs? Why her girls leisurely with sad? Because her like sunshine for dominant hidden behind the "sunrise east west rain" of the implicit, because she is hiding behind the happy a religious feelings... So-called "on the road", the prospect of the invisible and tracks are already does mark clear and Michael foot down but there is no ready-made road. This is freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting art very difficult to control the random state, all its destiny manipulated through your fingers in the bottom of a pen, people said she feel very good, is she to manipulate to the wander of the pen. High on qianjin, form under the shape. "Touch and texture" is the spirit, manual trace is the induction of nature and man. "Trace" includes the emotion logos, gas to courage. "Trace" is to the hand, hand is to the mind and heart for god. As Xia Junna puts it: "drawing the essence is the dialogue, brushes, paint and canvas". Manual trace skill art, by virtuosi art artisan, technology is really to art system. Traces will be manually modify, heart trajectory will disappear; Deliberately manual trace, then lost the nature and the nature. Harmonized appearances taste so everyone can be, but not everyone is nice, the differences, like heaven and earth. Outstanding artist's brush seemingly casual, but better in casual in highly sensitive to "precise".
This is not a realistic significance on the accuracy of the "form", which cannot be verbalised but can be understood "by mark psychic" accurate, a higher difficulty accurately. There is no default result, of course, there would be no default style, Xia Junna said: "I have never actively pursue what style." Style from dealing with problems, adjust the azimuth, unique turn of mind, unique ideas and unique way. As long as the problem of the wuding, concentric wuding, tracks also then. Xia Junna current is in the transient state of nature, that is why we see she is often a fresh without repeating any regrets. Failed to distinguish system of self consistency and repeatability, surface similar to deep upheaval, programming and the boundaries of stylized, and illustrates the criticism of the rough. In the state of the wuding, track and trace overlying and devouring each other by accident. And no wandering souls, resin or track objects, once in the state, is in god and trace, chaos like gradually, gradually open the body language and spirit gradually filled gradually. Don't exist initiation, of fat things gone, stiff something clever, decadent something amazing. The so-called creation, is life movement in the fictitious CunCa colored soul in scraping the pick of newborn. When a clump of image hidden behind a clump of image, a bunch of pen mark was born in a bunch of new pen mark type a interest loss under another interest, a kind of feel standing on another kind of feeling, perhaps the most exciting moment in his artistic creation. Xia Junna, of course, in the process of growth, there is still a long way in front of her, for the future, she often has a deep sense of crisis: "I don't know that I am always have this enrichment", "us where to go? It's really a problem". This is "on the road" to "on the road" own inquiry, is different from those of gossiping the profound sense of crisis, have this kind of sense of crisis, there is more hope get back after losing their full enrichment, to have in the star-crossed "on the road" of the higher realm - pettifoggery paints, light body, to pick to wipe... Mark not breach its heart, the heart from the mark. In the shipped with knife of don't know what is unique, in to find to another window of the mind. Have answers when fate and pen, chest nothing when bamboo pen and god, into something I don't know is a heart or heart essays move. "Loose arms" the old adage still effective, "arms" is not "loose" rare freedom; Do not obsessed with the mark. Composition structure always be saved in the occasional mistakes, modelling statutes often in things I left two), heavy rule always was found in the head turn, meter specifications often in XieYiPanBo was created. Free and in a moment, not proud, it is not for god also. Her journey - WuJin with Xia Junna acquaintanceship and intermittent cooperation, has been almost 10 years. The years, Xia Junna from one without the world little girl grow up to be a high-profile incomparable star. Her story has been well known. I can still remember my graduation exhibition in China central academy in 95 for the first time I saw her graduation creation of "youth suite", they hang in the beautiful courtyard gallery facade wall on the right side, some dim tonal or the theme of the girls are not clear-cut. For professional habit, I will close to look at the pictures of inner composition. A moment, I feel confused, I doubt whether my understanding of painting almost need again --
How could a graduate do so perfect? In terms of skills, and I didn't even seen the pictures of the same type, then it should be from the original, but how is that possible, it is only a little girl. A few years later, I did not believe that gradually Xia Junna really is a talent, not just me, in fact more and more people saw this, but I was lucky, because Xia Junna's the painter in the first cooperation with me, then I found that I was very non-standard agency contract between her and turned out to be a lot of gallery template. That was in 1996, when domestic HuaLangYe has barely started. Then it was well known. I and my classmates Lin Song cooperation, reorganize the original calligraphy gallery, changed its name to the spring/summer calligraphy gallery. That was in 1997, some of the things we did together later became someone else's conversation, now think of when we owned is a star-studded Xia Junna, back, Yin, ZhangJian, Chen Yu... Contains almost seventy s before and after the art of star birth. In seven or eight years ago this is nothing, when we are young, empty-handed, just want to open a piece of the sky in his own right. Chun xia calligraphy gallery name is me, one of the secrets I almost never to others, the name of the gallery contains the Xia Junna surname. This is really a secret, I even went to chongqing looking for a special name artist with a "spring" in the word, then go away. This can prove that the Xia Junna was the importance of our artists. Xia Junna fame first and the first to open the market situation, of course, one of the difficult nor three two sentences can be said clearly. But she is chun xia gold in calligraphy gallery painter. We sell Xia Junna works for its gallery operations is very important to some of the revenue. Including use in her auction company made a work income signed Yin. Facts have proven that this is a very important investment, Yin is now hot star. But it's a pity that we sold in almost all the work, so I personally would like to buy them back with high price works are very difficult. In less than a decade, the growth of Xia Junna, did more than all the people can imagine. Beau Xia Junna and Shanghai art gallery later cooperation is also the hot topic of the art world. Simply put, Xia Junna through art gallery conquered Shanghai. 1999 Xia Junna in art gallery's first solo exhibition, all sold out. This situation in the gallery industry almost unheard of in China. Even Chen became Xia Junna collectors. Xia Junna name it appears to be together and the Chinese art market, although this is not the purpose of the painter. But is there any way, she really is too good, her work is so likeable. For a while I started to worry for the future of Xia Junna, worry that she will lose yourself because of the market, she did so many beautiful flowers and a girl, but I know she's talent can be more than that. In 2002, Xia Junna and art gallery's expiring contract, I recommend to engage in securities investment Li Guosheng Sir Xia Junna. Mr Li is going to make a gallery is now ring brigitte don, we give its location is pushing young artist, Xia Junna is we signed the first painter. There were several galleries, hope to get the opportunity to work with her at home and abroad, Mr Li decided the cooperation with advanced, because we all think like Xia Junna genius painter can't missed again. Obviously, we won the success again. Since 2002, more than two years of time, Xia Junna again proved his extraordinary strength, her fame is still rising, her work more perfect, especially the series of works of contemporary Chinese ladies with pioneering a new field of her painting subjects, is also the Chinese oil painting almost never involved in a field. It's a pity that I haven't had time to read Xia Junna poems, but I have no doubt of her talent in literature. In contemporary painter, she is so different, even an anachronism. Most of the time she lives in seclusion, occasionally appear in public. Who cannot seem to have intuition to ignore her star temperament. Two days before she had just attended p&g's product launch at a time. If not a public relations company lobby, she almost never participate in this activity, but once she landed on the stage, was completely became a legend. She is talented, export into article, in the face of garbo on the screen of the stage photos, her words to say: "her eyes just like a picture of life, when it opened was show instant eternal feelings, make noise when closed in one hundred." Don't have any papers, any preparation, still shaking with fear, she ran into another person on the stage. Her speech brought down the house of silence, the audiences are mostly see around media. This is the Xia Junna, she can always bring you surprise. Every time we visit her studio, is a very unusual experience. I sometimes think, maybe several years later, as we will discuss the masters of art today anecdotes, perhaps in the future people will mention Xia Junna, then I will feel happy for your ever present. After many years, used to describe, ups and downs will disappear completely, but these exquisite works of art will posterity, it is a simple fact. With Xia Junna known for about ten years, during which we have little, but I know that I have is one of the few people close to her. She live in their own world, have extremely stubborn ideas to life, for a business firm postscript to resolve. Outsiders often see is her beautiful halo, but few people know her almost hermit of life, purity, and almost no one know her feelings for art very pious. I know I can't describe a complete Xia Junna, after all I know is very limited. To be sure, in a decade, Xia Junna is always the painting genius in my mind, I am still expecting for her future. Xia Junna resume: native: born in shandong province: in 1971, graduated from oil painting department of the central academy of fine arts in 1995, graduated from creative excellence award won the central academy of fine arts and Japanese okada loose family scholarship. 1996 participants in the Shanghai international art biennale in 1997 to participate in the Chinese art exhibition, Shanghai art museum). Chinese drawing art exhibition (national art museum of China in Beijing to participate in the "towards the new century - China youth oil painting exhibition", Beijing national art museum of China. In 1998 to participate in the century, women art exhibition in 1999 to participate in the new vision - born around 1970 generation "art exhibition in 2000 to participate in" female painter's world - the third back to show "(Beijing international guarantee). In the 20th century Chinese oil painting exhibition (national art museum of China in Beijing "youth suite" personal oil painting exhibition held in that year. In 2001 to participate in the women's world art exhibition (national art museum of China Beijing China art elite annual meeting held in chengdu, was named the year of artists. To participate in the chengdu art biennale (chengdu) held the paper journal count fruitful personal exhibition (Taiwan soka gallery). In 2002 work "indoor" attend "art is the summer solstice" art show, Beijing yanhuang art museum). In 2003 to attend the third China oil painting exhibition, national art museum of China, China fine arts exhibition (China millennium monument) today. In April 2005 in Shanghai museum large solo exhibition "the harvest of life". In May 2005, held in national art museum of China large solo exhibition "the harvest of life"
and ancient rare books on various kinds of custom portrait special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner art 2009 spring
total turnover of more than 541 million yuan hand art China painted oil painting

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