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Western oil paintings are rooted in China,not because of need to borrow oil painting

Western oil paintings are rooted in China,not because of need to borrow oil painting
Draw "paint Chinese painting", the history of Chinese oil painting is face to face with the history of the problem. Because of Chinese custom oil painting traditional literati paintings aesthetic way cannot carry the culture of the Chinese modem history problem, social problem and mental problem, our predecessors to look to the west, borrow the painting system, to rewrite the modern Chinese history of fine arts, there is oil painting to the Chinese ideological emancipation and the meaning of spiritual liberation. The sinicization of oil painting, nationalization as western classical oil painting language and the combination of Chinese traditional aesthetic spirit is old wine in old bottles, and compared with the thinking of xu beihong new wine in old bottles are more questions. So I used the word "home consciousness" discussion instead of sinicization, nationalization, and I was referring to the native consciousness in the background of globalization and its cultural value.
In the background of globalization, we emphasis on local culture consciousness is emphasis on multiculturalism, why? Because the human spirit requires constant growth, development, rich personality and deepening and the sublimation. This need only multicultural interactive status in the world but not in the global culture integration implemented in one way. For China, cultural pluralism and arguably regionalism. An abstract,oil painting reproductions unified the traditional national culture, itself questionable. People often talk about Chinese culture, refers to the history of the han nationality of the Yellow River culture, and belong to many of China's cultural form, especially in today's status quo is not corresponding. For example, we not only have a series of mergers of the central plains culture, we have multiple vision in the Yangtze river culture; We not only have since qin and han dynasties, the feudal ruling as the core of traditional culture, and in the Ming dynasty in the traditional culture of tradition. People often talk about is a pure Chinese culture are long gone, as foundation to discuss the relationship between Chinese and western culture in the background of globalization, that in itself has a problem. The Chinese have gradually from open trade, the life in the state of Chinese and western, Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges. A lot of western culture, has become indispensable to the Chinese reality of life and living environment. Today's Chinese people sitting on the sofa in the living, rather than the main plush chair, wearing not long gown mandarin jacket, shirt, coat or keyboard to write with a pen instead of the brush, ink and rice paper. Brought by the technology and economy globalization, inevitably is the mix of culture, is the sometimes-complex mix-and-match culture spirit, I have you in. We can only in this relationship and this reality to talk about cultural identity and cultural value.
Modern society and ancient society is the social form of different, cultural identity and cultural value problem is discussed by many people often forget this difference. They often in the sinicization of Buddhism, zen Buddhism as an example, to deduce the nativization of other cultural forms such as painting. Little imagine, the formation of the Chinese zen is the regional block, ac scarce, the closed society. Today, there are may as zen produced with Christianity, Islam, what Chinese? In the same way, the oil painting into China, and is growing in the modern international communication happens in the background, to pass on the whole produce a different from western painting system to establish the cultural identity of Chinese art, there is no need to also have no
After us pop artist Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol), made portrait painting for Elizabeth Taylor in 1963 screen portrait, Christie's auction in London sell the high price of 6.76 million pounds
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more art than 541 art million art yuan
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