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Retrospect and prospect,hubei province oil painting art is that we look for in local art

Retrospect and prospect,hubei province oil painting art is that we look for in local art
Hubei art museum, the oil painting art committee of hubei artists association, hubei academy of fine arts oil painting department, central China normal university academy of fine arts academies, jianghan university art institute, wuhan co-host of the retrospect and prospect "- hubei province oil painting exhibition" will be on April 15, 2011 in hubei art museum the grand opening. The exhibition has invited 190 oil painting artists exhibition, a total of more than 380 works on display, is an art of hubei art museum dedicated to the public.
Oil painting in the early days of the last century the rise in our country, under the hubei province oil painting art in the may fourth new culture movement boom started, to accept the baptism in the development and change, and between tradition and modern and valleys staggered, generations of painting artists have made the arduous exploration of art, in the inheritance, integration, communication and innovation.
Sought out nearly a century of hubei painting art development, always with the development of Chinese painting history. In the initiation, development and expansion of various periods, both has the common characteristics of the development of Chinese oil painting, and reflects the unique personality. Pioneer inneglectable, laid the foundation of hubei painting; Successors new generation, the rich soil of hubei oil painting USA; Teaching people brought the fragrant peaches and creator achieved fruitful results; The joint efforts of several generations, the historical destiny of national survival, social vicissitudes of picture... A variety of factors, to the history of the hubei province oil painting, for the hubei area art development history and the development history of Chinese oil painting erected a monument.
In the west, as a mainstream art painting, has experienced hundreds of years of years accumulated from figurative representation to abstract, from the objective world to show the inner world, formed a unique landscape. And hubei painting, after nearly a century of exploration, in the absorption of foreign art gradually and the integration of the national art in the process of continuously enhance the consciousness of the independent innovation, especially in the more in-depth study of the process of western oil painting tradition, increasing the oil painting language expression ability, continue to expand the canvas to create the new process, so as to reveal the hubei province oil painting native art spirit. At this stage, we are no longer stay in the oil painting development direction of debate, is no longer constrained by realism and performance, classical and modern, the ideas of the rack or the binary opposition of collision and struggle, but respect each other, parallel to the diverse, full of personality characteristics of the oil painting art to discover and explore
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